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NFL Starts/Sits – Week 1

Hey guys – I’m back with my first start/sit article of the season. If you are guys are like me and already down 67 points because your opponent had Mike Gillislee and Kareem Hunt, don’t sweat it, myself and the Fantasy Forecast team have you covered. Normally I’d have a lot of stats in the article, but it’s week 1, it’s kinda too early for stats. So anyway let’s get right into it starting with the QB position. My starts will be guys who aren’t the obvious choices like Matt…

DraftKings NFL DFS – Week 1

What’s up y’all!! The time we’ve been waiting for is finally here! REGULAR SEASON FOOTBALL! I’m back this year and focusing all my research on DraftKings. I prefer DK over FD solely based on the full PPR on DK. In this article, I will touch on my strategy I use at each position, then I will give you my plays for Week 1. These strategies that I use might not be used EVERY SINGLE WEEK, but for the most part, I stick to it. I know you guys don’t care…

NFL Week 1 Rankings

FOOTBALL. IS. BACK. For sports and fantasy fans alike, this is better than Christmas morning. With the Fantasy Forecast team having used the last 6 months to upgrade the website and gear up for the Fantasy Football season, we have been able to include weekly rankings tables this season! Below are Week 1’s player rankings courtesy of our NFL department.


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