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Fanduel Advice for NFL Week 7

Hola amigos, tonight I am going to be nervously watching Aaron Rodgers in hopes he doesn’t make some terrible throws or have some horrible turnovers. Never thought I’d see the day where I’d sit down and actually type that sentence out, but it just happened. There is an interesting Thursday-Sun AM only slate that I will not be focusing on in this article, but if you have any questions you can contact me via twitter @MonstarsDFS

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NFL Advice for Week 5

Happy humpday everybody. Last week was very successful for my subs and myself on both sites once again. Almost every single player I wrote up in last weeks article went off, so hopefully you took some of my advice. I will be looking to help out anyway possible again this week as I go for four straight successful weeks in NFL DFS. I’m going to change my article style this week and just leave you two plays I really like at each position that can be used for both cash and gpp. If you have any questions you know where to find me, @MonstarsDFS.

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NFL Advice for Week 4

Week 4 is almost here and it is the first week with bye’s in the NFL. There have also been a lot of injuries that have opened up some real nice value plays, so be on the lookout for who gets the promotions around the league. Last Sunday my subs and I enjoyed a near tournament takedown and I will be hoping to bring some of the same this weekend. Any questions, I’m on twitter @MonstarsDFS.

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NFL Advice for Week 3

Week 3 is upon us already and it’s starting to become easier to tell which teams to pick on when setting your Fanduel lineups. The Saints/Giants game last weekend was a major letdown to a lot of people, but I still managed to cash thanks to playing a number of guys I wrote up in last weekends NFL article. My article format will be the same this week as it was last week. Any dfs or fantasy football questions I’m available @MonstarsDFS.

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NFL Week 2 – Matchups to Exploit & Avoid

Week one didn’t necessarily go as planned, as the players I highlighted in a handful of my articles were all over the place. The biggest disappointment from last week’s matchup article? Todd Gurley. He saw a stacked box nearly 85% of the time against the 49ers’ defense and it’s safe to say that his 17 rushing attempts for only 47 yards was nothing anybody could’ve predicted.

This week? I think you can assume where he falls on the exploit/avoid spectrum against the Seattle Seahawks. This article will be the exact same format as last week, with the addition of team defenses to the mix and remember, these are short and sweet, nothing too in-depth. Read more

NFL DFS Week 1 DraftKings Picks

IT’S FINALLY HERE! The NFL season is finally upon us which means my favorite DFS sport is starting up. Tonight is the first day of the NFL season with the Super Bowl rematch. This game tonight will most likely be low scoring, so I personally am completely fading the game. I advise you to do the same. If you want to, especially on DK, you can enter lineups in the THU-MON slate and fade the slate. I am doing this because people will ignorantly play people like DT, Cam, ect. just to get exposure to this game. Their ownership percentages will be way too high and you can take advantage of this. Because of the late swap on DK, you can figure out your lineup later. Read more

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