Pitching Targets (With @DFSClutchBoy) – 4/24/17

Hello all. Most of you know me from my twitter account @DFSClutchBoy . I have been playing DFS since spring of 2015 and have had mild success in MLB DFS since them. My MLB DFS reputation was best showcased when I cashed 17 straight slates during the summer of last year all while posting my lineups for free publicly. Also on the early slate 5 days ago (4/19) I was able to take down a few GPP’s for myself and subscribers. That’s enough about me lets talk about pitching on…

2016 MLB DFS Strategy Guide

With the first half of the MLB season officially in the books, I find it quite appropriate to share my lineup building process and, essentially, my strategy when it comes to MLB DFS. As many providers, ourselves included, have experienced, MLB DFS is a completely different animal. The season is an absolute grind and inconsistency should be expected. Baseball is a tough sport to predict, but if you’re analyzing the right trends and tools, you should be able to come out with a profit.