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Off The Cuff – Special Edition – 6/17/2017

What’s really good people? I know, it’s been a minute since we last talked last. I’ve been busy cookin’ something special for the @FanForecast fan base. Just like my music, I don’t step behind the mic, unless I have something to say. Y’all know my M-O, since day uno, I’ve been adamant about certain things in DFS. As a vocal member of this dope ass community, I feel we have a responsibility to speak the truth, even if it’s “out there” and a hot take that causes a tremor that everybody feels.

Today, is that day. Read more


Don’t Be a Victim of Provider Scam

Sherlock Holmes, Richard Diamond, Boston Blackie…

Possibly the top 3 fictional detectives of all time. Finding clues, researching and most of all they solved crimes. Today’s article is going to talk about why anyone who is looking for a provider, should always research, investigate, do more research, and then do more research.  Remember, we’re all our own detectives when it comes to DFS so don’t fall victim of a crime.

In the past couple of hours, I’ve seen my Twitter feed and others post about scammers or frauds that make other providers look bad. After putting all the tweets together in a spreadsheet, it comes as a median narrative that a certain provider or providers are either stealing lines and selling them or just taking the money and running.

Let’s go over a few things. First, you wouldn’t just jump on and purchase it without some research going into it. As a man who has a Bachelors in Marketing and Communications, I’ve come to realize that research is key to not getting screwed over and getting the best deal.  Buying a car is the same way in that you just don’t jump on the first deal because you see a low payment or their having a flash sale. You should always and I can’t stress this enough, ALWAYS, do research and go to multiple dealerships to compare. Buying a mortgage from a bank, you MUST research the banks and loan amount, APR and is it a 15 or 30-month plan? PS- if you can pay off a mortgage in 15 months, you get an A++ from me.

Millennials have knowledge at their fingertips. Whether it’s from a friend, Google or asking SIRI a question and getting an answer. Why don’t people research providers? It involves money, something you love doing and no one likes to lose.

My twitter feed is alerting me that there have been continuous tweets so of course, I jump on to check it out. After reading a few tweets and the subtweets, someone got scammed and poof, the provider blocks that person or persons and their money is gone. I’m going to plug my article: The Weekly Provider Spotlight here on Fantasy Forecast and look at the provider tips. You should too, these are free tips from known providers and guess what, it’s free knowledge.

As I continue to the conclusion of this story, I always ponder if providers use other providers, RotoGrinders which most tools are free or if they are just scamming people out of money. I’ve seen some prices for providers and I just can’t imagine a logical person not researching a provider who is asking for $100-$150 for lines. They could take your money and leave for Monaco (non-extradition country to USA). There is so much free information out there and providers who are willing to help and give advice.

Please please please, I beg you to do a little research people. FREE provider tips are always at the bottom of the PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT article.

I’m scammed almost every day. Or, if not scammed, at the very least someone tries to scam me. Usually more than once a day.

-James Altucher

Scam Alert: DFSLineups2




Scam was reported to Fantasy Forecast on June 3rd, 2017


DFSLineups2 provides followers with free WNBA lineups. In order to gain interest and notoriety DFSLineups2 guaranteed that if one of his (unsure if this is a group affiliation or not) followers played the line and it did not cash that he would refund their money. The line did not cash and when his followers took him up on his offer he refused to follow through. While DFSLineups2 did not take money for the line he did back the line with a guarantee.

It is unethical to promise something to customers/subs/followers and not to follow through, those who utilize his lineups and offers should beware of shady practices.

UPDATE: He has now admitted that he does not play the lines that he provides his followers.


“He promised to pay people back if they used the line and lost.
Then he lost and reneged. Lots of people played and lost, he left them hanging.” -@DFS_ROE1_ELITE

“He made a post saying he won’t refund anyone because he never charged for anything so he doesn’t need to, and he deleted his original tweet.” -@MBSports_Guru





























June Madness Kicks Off June 5th

MLB DFS is in full swing (pun intended) and Fan Duel Tourney’s June Madness begins on June 5th. The concept is mirrored from the NCAA’s March Madness, pitting 64 of the top amateur DFS players in the world against each other in a single elimination tournament.


To determine seeding, entrants competed in three nights of preliminary rounds. Each player’s three-night total determined what seed they were awarded.

Seeds were announced Sunday, June 4th. Fan Duel Tourney’s deemed it “Selection Sunday.”

Each tournament region was named after an MLB Ballpark: Wrigley, Fenway, Camden Yards, and Coors. Here are the matchups in each region:





There will be seven games on the MLB Slate for the start of the tournament. Highlighted games include St. Louis vs. Cincinnati, Miami vs. Chicago, and the late game between Washington vs. Los Angeles.

Three Fantasy Forecast contributors are competing in the tournament. Myself, Chris Camiolo, and Ben Knee

For immediate updates and more information go to @FanDuelTourneys on Twitter.

ESPN Fantasy Football Finally Makes Defensive Scoring Change

Back in the beginning of May, ESPN announced that they were finally addressing on-going complaints in regards to their Team Defense/Special Teams scoring (Team D/ST).

Until now, if your Team D/ST had pitched a shutout, you could still potentially lose points. If a turnover took place while your team’s offense was on the field and that turnover resulted in a score, you were docked in the points against category. For instance, if you were a Matt Schaub and Houston Texans owner years ago you got burned many times by Schaub’s infamous pick sixes and you may still be feeling the pain from this rule.

Fantasy players argued that the defense should not be held responsible for something that occurred while they were sitting on the bench. The argument was reasonable and daily fantasy sites already had this figured out which may be part of the reason the rule change was so sought after.

You will still be docked points if the team makes the extra point or two-point conversion following the score because the defense will be on the field. While that rule may be short lived, it is, for now, a cause for celebration for the 58 million ESPN Fantasy Football Players worldwide.

Matthew Berry and the Fantasy Focus Podcast Crew make the announcement here:

Don’t Be Afraid to Question Your Provider

Twitter, Rotoworld, Roto anything, tips, and ease of play. Pretty much any information you can find to construct a cash or tournament DFS lineup is all out there for anyone to see. I will never call out any DFS provider if they have a bad night. I’m all about tips, shout outs, and of course, GIFs. I have asked a few people: if you knew the person well enough, would you be okay questioning their knowledge and lineup construction?

We all watch the computer screen or refresh the Fan Duel or Draft Kings app on our phones to see the team that we have paid for. Whether that be a weekly or monthly fee, we all want that little blue icon to end up in the green grass by the end of the night. All of this is bringing me to the point. Is it okay to either A) Question how they got their lineup for the night or B) Ask them how their day is going (since family, work, and other actual “life” activities come into play).

We don’t know if someone just broke up with their girl or boyfriend or is having a miserable day. Sometimes as DFS players, we need to really understand who is doing what. Are providers stealing other lines from providers? Don’t be afraid to question your providers, and ask them how they’re doing.

Lastly, please remember, the providers work for you, if they don’t provide lines, they don’t make money or get tips. If you’re paying weekly or monthly, express your feelings about how they’re doing. You are technically their boss and everyone appreciates a good boss.

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