MLB GPP Strategy – 8/10/17

Last night was so right and yet so wrong.  We had the process and players dead on.  But I failed to heed my own advice and mix up pitcher usage.  I ended up with far too much Trevor Cahill after seeing his industry prices.  We had basically all the hitters that went deep with an Astros fade, but alas no perfect parlay.  Stick with the process, and the results will come.  Patience is a virtue.

MLB Main Slate GPP Strategy – 8/9/17

10 games to analyze this fine evening.  Last night was fun as I hit with my main lineup on Yahoo!  There is a lot of “good” out there use at SP, but no aces.  Its all 2 and 3 starters who all have solid ceilings, and a bunch of gas-cans to attack with bats.  You may want to pick a few under the radar hitters and use that same core of hitters while trying all the pitchers out in order to balance your exposure.  We will go through pitchers below.

8/7/17 MLB Main Slate GPP Strategy

I’m going to call this slate “ESM.”  For Ervin Santana Monday.  Because if I play the large GPPs I will have ZERO Ervin, but I will have many of the Brewers hitters opposing him.  Mad Max Scherzer, Carlos Martinez and Jake Arrieta should be the SPs used ahead of Ervin and his 12-7 record with numerous complete games.

MLB GPP Strategy – 8/6/17

Sunday for the main site large GPPs we are looking at an 11 game slate with the last game as the 2:20 Nats/Cubs game.  This means no Coors game and only the first game of the KC/Seattle doubleheader.  Cool.  Lets talk.  A lot of SPs having great years are throwing as well as multiple gascans (Nick Martinez, we be looking at you).

MLB GPP Strategy – 8/4/17

13 game slate tonight including the Phillies @ Coors Field.  The Red Sox should remain chalk.  If you’re reading these (and I have my doubts you are), just because we don’t discuss the chalk plays does not mean a GPP player should avoid chalk.  I have a little bit of everything, including players from the teams with high totals that might be the forgotten players.  That means tonight you definitely want some Phillies, Red Sox and Rockies mixed in with the lesser-owned lottery tickets we will discuss below.  I think…

MLB GPP Strategy – 8/3/17

Coors is off this slate!  Sometimes Coors can be beneficial and sometimes it can be hell, but either way it clearly presents more work for the DFS player.  Unfortunately I had more Rockies than Mets last night, and my Mets lineups just were not on point.  On tonight’s slate nothing really jumps out at the viewer besides maybe the Red Sox and the Tigers/Orioles games.  We will definitely want a couple of those stacks.  In real life news, I will be attending the Tribe vs. Yankees game tonight!  Regarding DFS,…

MLB GPP Strategy – 8/2/17

Last night was yet another perfect example of how baseball is totally unpredictable and how you can’t allow probabilities to become certainties mentally.  I avoided Coors hitters and messes Sale/Scherzer but barely used the Cubs and could not parlay the correct Rays/Mariners/Rangers guys with Billy Hamilton.  Tonight is similar to last night except without the huge name/high dollar aces in play.  We’ve got 24 starting pitchers and lineups to consider and 1 game at the mecca, Coors Field.  Again it will be tough to project ownership or even possibly base…