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WNBA Breakdown: 6/6/17

WASH (5-2) @ DAL (3-4)
SEA (4-2) @ SA (0-7)
CHI (1-6) @ LA (3-2)


Candace Parker, LA $8,700 – Parker has been a workhorse for Los Angles so far this year. She’s the most expensive player on the slate and she’s deserving of that title because of her potential. She’s scored 18p in 3/4 games and has played 30 minutes in all 4 of her games this year. She’s getting a good matchup with a Chicago team that has given up 99,97 and 88 points in their last 3 games. Chicago can score some, but LA should be able to lock them up. I like Parker to fill the stat sheet in this game scoring 38-43 fps.

Elena Delle Donne, WAS $8,200 – EDD has put up some good numbers so far this year scoring 20.3p and 7.4r a game. She’s also hit at least 29 fps in 6/7 games this year. With Meeseman gone due to Euros EDD knows she has to pick up her rebounding, which has been showing with 8,7,12 and 15 rebounds since Meeseman left. EDD has elevated other parts of her game too since Meeseman departed, in her last 4 games she’s scored 36, 37, 41 and 43 fps. She has a pretty good matchup against Dallas and I expect her to score 37-42 fps.

Breanna Stewart, SEA $7,300 – I think Stewart is in for a big game. She comes in at a good price and has a decent matchup with SA. SEA has such a great offense and honestly Stewart (one of their keys) still has yet to string together good games. She shoots a lot (16 times last game) so once her shots start falling rostering her will pay off. At her price she needs 36.5 fps to hit value and I’m looking for 30-35 fps from her.

Mid Tier:

Glory Johnson, DAL $5,300 – Johnson is coming off an amazing game where she posted 22p and 13r which was good for 44.1 fps against a weak IND frontcourt. She gets another good matchup against a weaker frontcourt in WAS. I like Johnson because she’s very consistent and she rebounds the ball well. Rebounding is a weak spot for WAS and Johnson has had only 1/7 games with less than 5 rebounds. At her price she only needs 26.5 fps to hit value which is what I expect from her.

Allie Quigley, CHI $5,000 – Quigley got a late start to the season only playing in  4 games so far this year, but she’s played 28+ in each one of those games. She’s been a great scoring threat for CHI scoring more than 13 pts in each contest and hovering right around 20fps a game. While her price is a little high considering she would need 25 fps to hit value and her highest fps total on the year is 23.6. In this case you’re paying for consistency and that makes her a great cash game option. I expect her to score 19-24 fps with ease.


Kelsey Plum, SA $4,200 – This might be the last time you see Plum in this spot if she strings together a couple more good performances like last game. She scored 8p, dished out 7a, grabbed 3 boards and has 3s which was good for 24 fps. SA was running a three guard lineup and they had a lot of success doing that. So I believe they will try to stick to it as they haven’t won a game yet this year (0-7). Hopefully Plum mirrors last games performance and scores 18-23 fps.

Theresa Plaisance, DAL $3,100 – Plaisance has taken advantage of the Paris injury. She’s seen an increase in minutes and been productive for DAL. She has a nice matchup considering it’s against Washington. She should be able to grab some rebounds and get some easy buckets. I’m looking for 12-17 fps from her.



WNBA Breakdown: 6/2/17-6/3/17

Slate News:

  • We have a weird slate tonight that is Fri-Sat but is only 3 games. Dal plays a back-to-back and their game tonight against NY is the one that’s on the slate. But, tomorrow they play Ind and that game is on the Saturday only slate.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing what Tina Charles does for NY, she already leads the league in shot attempts per game and NY now is down to their 3rd string pg, more shots for Charles please!
  • Will San Antonio get their first win against Connecticut? Probably not, I think it’ll be the Jonquel Jones show.
  • Min/Sea should be a good game. Min hasn’t lost so far this year and Fowles has been the best player in the WNBA. Seattle has a high powered offense that has yet to have been slowed down with Sue bird back at the helm. Something has to give and it’ll be interesting to see what that something is.


Sylvia Fowles, Min $8,900 – Fowles has been the best player in the WNBA so far this year. She’s getting it done on both ends of the court where she’s averaging 20p and 11r. To go along with that she’s had a double-double in 4/6 games. She has a great matchup with Sea on Saturday where she will be able to dominate the paint. Sea was dominated by Tina Charles 2 games ago when she went for 28p and 9r. Fowles has been a more efficient version of Charles so far this year, so I expect her to put up similar numbers. At her price she would need 45 fps to hit value, which she’s done 3 times this year ( 2 of her 6 games were blowouts where she didn’t play more than 23 minutes). Long story short Fowles is a must have for me in my lineups where I expect her to have 40-45 fps with ease.

Tina Charles, NY $7,900 – I watched NY’s last game against LA and Charles can do it all. She was dominating in the paint and even hit a couple 3’s. But, once she got into foul trouble her game changed, she was being less aggressive and it cost her fps. She only scored 27.5 last game after she had 19.5 at half time. LA honestly couldn’t stop her until she picked up those fouls so if she can stay out of foul trouble against Dal tonight I see her having a big game. We’re honestly getting Charles at a discounted price because of her “poor performance” last time out. She will need 40 fps to hit value which shouldn’t be a problem considering she takes the most shots per game and she’s lost both of her starting Pg’s so far this year ( aka even more shots for her). To add to that Dal doesn’t have the strongest front court, so I expect her to be near value with 35-40 fps tonight.

Mid Tier:

Jonquel Jones, Con $6,900 – Jones had another big game last time out, where she recorded 14p and 13r along with 4b which was good for 40.6 fps. Her price seems low to me and I like to buy low in situations where I know the player can outperform their salary. Jones is in that spot for me, at her price she only needs 35 fps to hit value. She’s gone over 35 fps 4/6 games so far this year and she has a good matchup against SA. I expect her to go 35-40+ especially if the game stays close. She’s a must have in my book.

Rebekkah Brunson, Min $5,300 – Brunson has a great matchup tonight against a defensively weak Seattle frontcourt. So far this year Brunson hasn’t been under 16 fps, which makes her a great cash game option because she’s consistent. At her price she needs 26.5 fps to hit value and I expect her to hit 20-25 fps.


Kayla Thornton, Dal $3,800 – Since Courtney Paris went down with an injury Thornton has stepped up and played more minutes in her place. She’s played more than 20 minutes in both games, scored more than 6p, grabbed more than 6r and totaled more than 15.7 fps. For a value play that’s not bad considering one of those games was a complete blowout. I’m looking for 14-19 fps from her.

Shavonte Zellous, NY $3,000 – Zellous is another must play tonight because she’s now going to be the starting Pg for NY. After Boyd got hurt and Prince left for Euros Zellous will be stepping into the starting spot. She’s minimum priced and in an excellent spot to crush value. I’m looking for 20+ fps from her tonight.

WNBA Breakdown: 6/1/17-6/2/17

Slate News:

  • Honestly the Pho/Chi game could be a blowout.
  • Expect Griner to do her thing.
  • Dal/Ny should be a good game, both Diggins and Charles had early season struggles and it looks like they’re both back on track.


Brittney Griner, Pho $8,900 – Griner is the highest priced player on the slate and I believe the highest priced player so far this year. But, honestly she deserves it. She’s been getting it done offensively with 20.2p and 7.4r along with 3.8b on defense. Griner’s last game was cut short due to a blowout where she only got 23 minutes. At Griner’s price she’s expected to score 45 fps which she’s done in 3/5 games so far this year. The only question is does the game stay close enough where Griner can do damage for the whole game. I expect Griner to score 40-45 fps with ease.

Skylar Diggins-Smith, Dal $7,300 – Diggins is has been one of the lone guards I’ve been willing to pay up for this year because her price has been fair and she’s been producing. Her last two games have been blowouts so she hasn’t played her normal minutes, but I’m looking for that to change against Ny. She’s in a good spot because Ny’s guard situation has been changing all year long. Ny will now be on their 3rd starting Pg because Boyd went down with an injury and Prince has left for Euros. Diggins should be able to take advantage of this and have a big game, I expect her to score 32-37 fps.

Mid Tier:

Leilani Mitchell, Pho $5,400 – Mitchell has been one of the best WNBA players off the bench this year. In her last two games she’s scored 32+ fps She’s averaging a career high in points (12.6) and in her last 4 games hasn’t played less than 17 minutes or had less than 21.9 fps. She’s been out playing the starter Robinson and brings a different approach off the bench. I’m expecting 21-26 fps from her.

Jessica Breland, Chi $4,800 – I think Breland is in a good spot because outside of Griner Pho fails to rebound well. Breland is a threat for a double-double every night and even though she comes off the bench she’s been getting 28 minutes a game. Based on Breland’s price she needs to hit 24 fps to hit value and I expect her to score 20-25 fps.


Shavonte Zellous, Ny $3,000 – If last game was of any indication how Zellous will be used without Prince were in for a real treat tonight. She played 34 minutes, scored 4p, grabbed 7r and dished out 5a which was good for 22 fps. Prince has now left for Euros which should slide Zellous into the starting role. If that’s the case she’s min priced and could have a huge game. If she starts will be one of my favorite plays on the slate!. I’m looking for 17-23 fps from her.

Kayla Thorton, Dal $3,200 – Thorton was a pleasant surprise in her last game when she went off for 12p and 7r in 20 minutes of playing time. Thorton is a great rebounder and if she get’s 20 minutes of playing time off the bench she could have a similar game. I’m expect 12-17 fps from her.

WNBA Breakdown: 5/31/17

I have to start off the article saying how disappointed I am in the refs for single handedly taking Tina Charles out of the game yesterday. She was cruising in the first half where LA couldn’t stop her and then she picked up a phantom 3rd foul late in the second quarter. She finished the 1st half with 19 fps which I was happy with, but it could have been better without the 3rd foul that forced her to the bench. She then picked up her 4th foul early in the 3rd quarter and that’s when Candace Parker took over. From that point in the game LA took control. Parker ended up out scoring Charles by 19 fps which made all the difference in my lineup as I just missed the sash line by a couple of points. But, oh well I was on the right track and I realize I can’t control the refs. End Rant. Onto tomorrow.

Slate News:

  • San Antonio is winless and I don’t expect this game to be the one to that changes that. Atlanta’s guard play is too strong.
  • Remember Delle Donne’s last two games were against her former team and a favorable matchup. Today she will be less motivated and have lengthy defender’s chasing her around.
  • I believe Connecticut has a huge advantage in the paint


Layshia Clarendon, Atl $7,200 – Clarendon’s last 3 games she’s hit 32,34 and 33 fps. Her price suggests she needs 36 fps to hit value and she will be right around there.  She’s had 12, 9 and 7 assists in those games to go along with 9, 17 and 18 points. Atlanta’s guard play is really what carries this team and their matchup is a favorable one. I’m looking for 30-35 from her.

Jonquel Jones, Con $6,900 – After her huge 23p and 21r Jones’ price went up $100. So needless to say her ownership % will be 80+, but she’s in a great spot against Washington who has a poor front court. To top it off one of their front court players Emma Meeseman just  left for Eurobaskets and will be gone for a month or so. This will help Jones dominate in the paint even more.. I expect her to score 35-40 fps.

Mid Tier:

Bria Holmes, Atl $5,200 – Holmes isn’t the top option at guard for Atlanta, but the amount of minutes she plays makes for great opportunity. She hasn’t played under 31 minutes in 4 games to start the year and also has scored double digits in every game as well. At $5,200 she’s in a good value spot against a San Antonio squad still trying to figure out their rotations. I expect her to score 21-26 fps.

Alyssa Thomas, Con $5,100 – Thomas is another player I predicted to have a big game 2 articles ago and she did just that. She posted 17p 10r and 5a which was good for 41.5 fps. She hit 10x value for me and as my brother Johnny from Fan Forecast would say she was “Criminal Ownership” as she was only 15% owned. Her price has risen $1,000 but she’s still in a great spot against the weak Washington frontcourt, I’m looking for 22-27 fps from her.


Krystal Thomas, Was $3,300 – I’ve dogged Washington’s front court a couple times in this article and now I’m going to recommend someone from it. Thomas is Meesseman’s replacement and should get plenty of minutes going against Jones. In her last game she scored 4p and grabbed 10r which was good for 16.5 fps. I expect her to get a few more minutes in this game and to score 12-17 fps.

Fade of the Day:

Elena Delle Donne, Was $8,200 – EDD hasn’t scored over 37 fps and at her price she would need to hit 41 to hit value. Con has a bunch of long players to throw at her which should make it hard for her to score. Also all she really does is score so if they take that away she will be ineffective and not come close to 41 fps.

WNBA Breakdown: 5/30/17

Another 2 game slate for us here on this Tuesday night. I had a pretty good night Sunday as I made 5x the amount of money I played which always makes for a good night. But, what made me the most happy was I trusted my gut. While doing research Sunday I saw a couple people calling a Jonquel Jones fade and I won’t lie I considered it. But, I sat back and continued to research and the numbers pointed to a bounce back game. And boy did she do that, she had a huge 23p and 21r game along with Alyssa Thomas bouncing back for a 10x value night. I was just pleased that all my research paid off and I was able to put some other people in a good spot.

Slate News:

  • This LA/NY should be a very good matchup of two even teams.
  • Look for Prince and Robinson to have their way with the LA guards. I like Prince more because she’s the primary ball handler and isn’t afraid to shoot.
  • Ind gives up a ton of points, so look to have some Dal exposure in your lines.

LA (2-2) @ NY (2-2)

IND (2-3) @ DAL (2-2)


Candace Parker, La $8,500 – Parker had a poor game last time out, but I expect her to bounce back tonight. This will be a be a matchup of two good teams and I expect it to be a close game. Parker has such great potential where she can go for 50+ fps like a couple games ago and that’s why I will be rostering her tonight. I expect 35-40 fps from her tonight.

Tina Charles, Ny $8,500 – Charles is leading the WNBA is shot attempts per game and the number one offensive option for Ny. Last time out she launched 25 shots, scoring 28p and grabbing 9r which was good for 43.3 fps. After struggling in her first two games this year. She’s also a very good defensive player who will have task of guarding both Parker and Ogumike tonight. I think it should be a good game where Charles posts a solid double-double. I’m looking for 35-40 fps from her tonight.

Skyler Diggins-Smith, Dal $7,300 – Dal was blown out last game so Diggins didn’t play a full game which is why her price dipped a little. I think she is a good play tonight against an Ind team who has given up one game below 80 points this season out of 5 ( that lone game was 79). Diggins is in a good spot as she’s been doing everything for Dal this year. She’s averaging 13.5p, 3.5r, 5.5a with a block and a steal a game. Which makes her priced fairly in a great matchup. I’m looking for 31-36 fps from her in a fast paced game where she can excel.

Mid Tier:

Candice Dupree, Ind $6,200 -Dupree is a very dependent player as she has now turned into Indiana’s top offensive option. She’s safe for cash games and has a nice matchup against Dal tonight. She’s scored in double digits in her last 4 games and has been getting a steady dose of minutes. Dal is a good team but they aren’t the best defensively which is why I expect Dupree to score 25-30 fps tonight.

Epiphanny Prince, Ny $5,800 – Prince is in an excellent spot tonight as La has been getting killed by scoring guards this season. Hayes went 24, Coleman 19, Hill 20 and Loyd 25. Add Prince to this list because she’s been the primary ball handler since Boyd went down. In those two games she’s played in 34 and 35 minutes and last game she was able to fill out the stat sheet for 19p, 5r and 7a which was good for 35.5 fps. I expect Prince to have a good game and finish with 29-34 fps tonight.

Glory Johnson, Dal $5,000 – Johnson is a player I have put in my lineup just about every slate she is on. She’s always priced pretty fairly and her production is just about 21 fps a night. Johnson has a nice matchup with a weak Ind front court who plays poor defense. Johnson is a seasoned vet who will take advantage of this. I’m expecting 20-25 fps from her tonight.


Tiffany Mitchell, Ind $3,900 – Mitchell has had a great year off the bench for Indy. She’s been at 20 fps in 3/5 games this year. Their game against Dal should be high scoring which benefits Mitchell who is a very good scorer. I expect 17-23 fps tonight.

Jantel Lavender, La $3,400 – Lavender has played 17 and 21 minutes his last two games which makes him one of the top options for La off the bench. She’s going to be a little risky due to her coming off the bench, but honestly how the slate breaks down you need some value in your lines in order to get multiple of the higher priced players. I’m honestly looking for Lavender to score around 15 fps.


WNBA Breakdown: 5/28/17

Today we have a nice 3 game slate. While the two game slates are tough I’m on a 3 day winning streak and looking for that to carry into today. I want to give S/o to @DFSLineups2 . We’ve been talking over the slates the last couple nights and it’s made things much easier. Check out his twitter where he provides free lines! Lastly if you’re reading these articles please like/retweet, so that Fan forecast can get some more exposure!

Matchups :

Con (0-4) @ Chi (1-4)
Ind (2-2) @ Sea (3-1)
Sa (0-4) @ Min (5-0)

Slate Notes:

  • Connecticut has several players that are in great spots due to poor performances against Minnesota last week.
  • I’m really starting to not even bother paying up at guard any more. It seems like the guard pricing is always too high and the players don’t hit value.
  • Maya Moore’s price is down to $7,600 and makes for a very interesting option.


Sylvia Fowles, Min $8,900 – Fowles has been the clear cut star for Minnesota this year and her price is reflective of that. But, even at her price I believe she’s in a great spot tonight only needing 44.5 fps to hit value. The Stars aren’t a very good team and Fowles should be able to dominate. If you’re worried about a blowout, I wouldn’t worry too much considering Fowles only played in 21 minutes last game and scored 31.8 fps.  I expect her to score 40-45 fps.

Jonquel Jones, Con $6,800 -Jones is one of my favorite plays of the day due to her price. She was priced in the mid $8,000’s last week and had two games against last years DPOY Fowles, which didn’t turn out well for her. So, her price is down and she has a great chance to exceed value today as she only needs 34 fps to accomplish that. Connecticut played very poorly in their last game so many of their starters got some extra rest. So, I expect them to come out pissed off today and Jones will be leading the charge. I’m looking for 35-40 fps from her tonight.

Mid Tier:

Candice Dupree, Ind $6,200 – Dupree has stepped up as Indiana’s number one offensive option. Her price seems fair as she’s hit 29.2 and 32.6 fps in her last two games which would be right around value for her. Today she gets the great matchup against Seattle. They don’t have the worst defense, but they play so fast and that creates more opportunities for the other team. I expect Dupree to be around 28-33 fps tonight.

Allie Quigley, Chi $5,000 – Quigley has been great in her first two games and her price seems fair. She’s played 35 and 28 minutes in those games. So, she’s in a good spot in both of those categories. Quigley isn’t the most exciting player, but she’s very efficient. Which makes her reliable for cash games in your line up. I’m looking for 21-26 fps from her tonight.


Alyssa Thomas, Con $4,100 – Another player whose price is down due to a poor performance last time out. It’s a great time to buy low with Thomas, at $4,100 she only needs 20.5 fps to hit value. She isn’t the teams first offensive option, but she fills the stat sheet. I expect her to score 19-24 fps tonight.

Alex Bentley, Con $3,300 – A starter that is basically min priced? Sign me up! She’s in a great spot as Chicago doesn’t defend the guard spot well. Bentley isn’t much of a scorer and has struggled with her shot so far this year. But, she did attempt 12 shots last game, so as soon as her shot starts falling her price will rise. I expect her to score 15-20 fps tonight.


WNBA Breakdown 5/25/17-5/26/17

This article is for the WNBA Thur-Fri slate. FD did us a favor by combining the Thursday and Friday games together for a nice 4 game slate. The 2 game slates can be tricky because if one player doesn’t show up your line is most likely done. But, for a 4 game slate it will be better with a lineup differences. Remember the lock time for this slate is 12pm.


Sylvia Fowles, Min $9,000 – Fowles is the most expensive player on the slate and rightfully so, at this price she would have hit value 3/4 games. I called her my favorite player on the slate in my last article and she had her best game of the year. In her last game against Con she posted 21p, 13r, 4a, 5b and 3s. She truly filled up the stat sheet for 54.6 fps. I expect her to be very high owned, but that won’t stop me from her rostering her. Even with Connecticut’s length she is still dominating and I don’t see that changing. I’m looking for 40-45 fps from her.

Tina Charles, Ny $8,000 – Charles finally returned to career form. In my last article I said she would be a great gpp play and she went off.  She scored 22p and 11r that was good for 39.7 fps. I expect this to carry over in this game against Sea. As I said in my last article she gets up a lot of shots every night and if those shots fall she’s a double-double threat every night. Her price went up a bit, but I still like her in this spot. I’m expecting 35-40 fps from her.

Elena Delle Donne, Was $7,700 – Let’s be honest I think everyone expected more out of EDD this year, but let’s not forget this is a new team for her and she’s still getting adjusted. She finally had a good game, which just so happened to be against her former team the Chicago Sky. Good news is they are playing a back-to-back so she’ll get them again on this slate at the same price. I expect her to have another big game, but one thing to mention is Emma Meesseman will no longer be with the team because she’s going to play in the Euro Baskets. It’ll be interesting to see how EDD reacts to that. It’s another shot to face her old team so I expect her to show out again, I’m looking for 35-40 fps from her.

Skylar Diggins-Smith, Dal $6,500 – Diggins looks to be back into her All-star form after a rough start to the year and 2 years removed from acl surgery. At $6,500 I think she’s at a bargain price, in her last game she scored 22p, had 5r and dished out 8a for 39 fps. Look for Diggins to be in attack mode against Sa. It should be a good game where she has 28-33 fps.

Mid Tier:

Morgan Tuck, Con $6,200 – Tuck had a great game against Min last time out where she shot the ball 17 times. While on making 5 of those shots she was able to record 12p and 10r that was good for 32.5 fps. Her price went up, but I still like her in this spot because the Suns play Min very well. Her 17 shots show she’s a primary option in the offense and if she can get a couple more of those to fall she’s in for a big night. I’m looking for 27-32 fps from her.

Sue Bird, Sea $6,000– Another great player in a great position because of her favorable price. In her last game out she scored 9p and dished out 10a. Sea has a lot of weapons at their disposal and if Bird is able to use that to her advantage she should be sitting at value at the end of the night. Also Ny is bottom of the league at defending opposing guards which plays right into Birds hand. I’m looking for 25-30 fps from her.

Epiphanny Prince, Ny $5,200 – After I was fooled into playing Hartley last time out I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen again here. Prince stepped into the starting role and went off for 26.2 fps. Sea gives up a lot of points and Prince who scored 24 last game should be able to take advantage of that. I’m looking for 22-27 fps from her.

Alyssa Thomas, Con $5,000 – Thomas is one of my favorite plays for the night because she makes a lot of my line ups work. She’s at a perfect price and starting where she played 31 minutes in her last game. She filled the stat sheet with 8p, 6r and 6a which was good for 24.2 fps. I expect another close game between these two teams where Thomas will score 21-26 fps.


Isabelle Harrison, Sa $4,200 – Harrison is another starter that is priced pretty low imo.  She played 29 mins last game an recorded 16p. Harrison’s biggest issue is staying out of foul trouble and if she can do that she should be around value with ease. I’m looking for 17-22 fps from her.

Allie Quigley, Chi $3,100 – Please tell me how this makes sense…. Quigley starts and played in 31 minutes last game, but is somehow only priced at $3,100. She’s one of my favorite plays on the slate because she be around value and allow for salary relief. In her last game against Was she recorded 22.4 fps and if she can do the same thing again I will be extremely happy. I’m looking for 15-20 fps from her.

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