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Founded in March of 2016, the Fantasy Forecast team seeks to continue to grow as a Season-Long and Daily Fantasy Sports consultation service by offering a large variety of tools to optimize everyone’s fantasy sports experience including articles, podcasts, personal coaching, periscopes and more.

Want to get to know our team? Meet them below:

Our Founder

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAdqAAAAJDg4YmU2MjU3LWZhMDItNDEyZC05NzUwLWYyODQ3OWQ2ZmNjOQ.jpg Ben Joyce | 22 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Twitter – @Joyce_Ben

Ben is a Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual and graduate of Marquette University class of 2017 with a degree in Finance. Ben has also been involved in fantasy sports for the past 6-7 years and he started playing NBA DFS last season along with Joe, coming up with the original idea of starting a DFS Twitter account and it took off from there. In addition to co-founding Fantasy Forecast, Ben helps man the Forecast Twitter account while also serving as the Lead MLB analyst.

3 Thoughts to “About Us”

  1. My guys! Truly , some of the best dudes I know in the business.

  2. Brance

    What email address to we PayPal to get fantasy forecast cheet sheet for NBA? It won’t let me dm them.

    1. You should be able to DM us on Twitter @FanForecast. If that doesn’t work, PayPal FanForecast1@gmail.com $2 per cheat sheet.

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