RECAP: DraftKings NFL Week 1 Picks

Alright guys, week 1 of the NFL season is in the books. I wanted to review my plays that I had in my article last week. This is something I’ll be doing every Monday/Tuesday of the following week, because I think it is important to see what we got right and where we went wrong. This is important in your weekly grind. You can’t just look at the next week’s numbers. You have to look back and try to learn from your mistakes/improve on what you were good on. So, without further ado, here is the review of my week 1 picks.


This is definitely the position that I was wayyyyyyyyyyy off on. I nailed Carson Wentz, who was obviously the easy cash play. At that price, it was easy to fit in other studs elsewhere. My 3 other picks were just atrocious. Carson Palmer was one of my favorite GPP plays. He ended up throwing 3 picks and not doing much of anything else. This killed a ton of my GPP lines, in which some had take-down potential. The thing about the Fantasy Forecast team is that we make sure we play the guys we write about. We aren’t just giving you bullshit information and then going elsewhere in our own lineups. I had 30-40% Carson Palmer exposure, which obviously did not work out.

Brian Hoyer was also a guy that I liked as a dart in GPP’s, which failed miserably. Last but not least, Russell Wilson. Don’t even get me started on this game…


I did OKAY at RB this week, but definitely not great. When I wrote my article last week, LeSean McCoy was ill. This had me weary of using him. But as the weekend passed, I came to a point where I was all in on him. He ended up putting up 23.9 DKP, which was great and ultimately helped all of my lineups. What happened to DJ/Bell? Man did they underperform. I ended up getting on Bell in my cash games and he had one of his worst fantasy performances in years. The Steelers just didn’t give him the ball. I like to think my process was right here, but it just didn’t play out how most of us thought it would.

Todd Gurley/Carlos Hyde were also mentioned in the article. I grouped them together because I thought they were the “safe” cash game plays and that’s exactly what they turned out to be. Gurley ended up with 20.6 DKP, which is more than enough at that price. Hyde ended up with 13.7 DKP, which you would take at his price. Overall, those were the two chalky RB’s, with super safe floors. If you had them/McCoy in cash, you more than likely made some money. My GPP RB’s were Christian McCaffery and Isaiah Crowell. Both of these guys underperformed, but didn’t necesarrily kill me. They were both in the $5-5.5K range, so the 12.5 DKP and the 10.6 DKP that they both got wasn’t TOO bad. We definitely want more going forward though.


Here’s where I made my money. I nailed WR pretty well this week. Larry Fitzgerald/Michael Crabtree/Kendall Wright were all in my cash lines. The first 2 had extremely high floors, which they both hit fairly nicely (14.3/13.4 DKP). Kendall Wright ended up only getting 6.4 DKP, but at that extremely low price, in cash games, it wasn’t a killer. I also mentioned guys like Pierre Garcon and Amari Cooper, who again had pretty nice games. Keep an eye on Garcon this season, as I think he’ll be a solid cash game option throughout. Even GPP plays like Marvin Jones and AJ Green didn’t have too bad a night. This week was definitely a weird week. Not a lot of name guys that carried ownership caught touchdowns. That’s why I was looking for wide receivers that had a solid floor of somewhere between 13-16 DKP. Which is what almost all of these guys got.


This position was fairly easy for me. Ertz was obviously mispriced and he showed it. Everyone should have owned him in your cash games. He had 17.3 DKP. Delanie Walker was another guy that I liked this week at TE. He ended up with 14.4 DKP. Early on, he’s going to be a guy that Mariota is going to like to target. He’ll have a nice floor and hopefully we’ll get some TD’s out of him. My “GPP” play was Jimmy Graham. The reason why I didn’t make more money than I did was because of this game. I was high on this game, thinking it would pass 50 points. Obviously, it didn’t.


I mentioned 3 defenses in the article. Obviously, the Rams D showed out. Two pick sixes led them to being the highest scoring defense on the slate. WE CAN LOOK TO TARGET ANY DEFENSE AGAINST THE COLTS THIS YEAR. The Texans D absolutely killed me. I was thinking that a team that had an elite defense, with elite pass rushers like Watt and Clowney, vs an interception throwing machine in Bortles, would have an insane game. Boy was I wrong. This single play cost me a lot of money this week. I had my fair share of Rams D, but I had too much Texans. Bills D did just fine, but nothing special.


Overall, I really didn’t have a great week. This week was definitely tilting for me. I was on a lot of places that didn’t show up. My move from the Rams D to the Texans D cost me a lot of money. I ended up making a little profit, but that obviously isn’t what we’re shooting for this year. I won only 14/20 H2H, which is only 70%. We want that number to be 85-90%.

Anyways, lets hope week 2 goes better for me. I hope you all cashed out. Look for my WEEK 2 PLAYS article in the upcoming days!

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