“Lace front to the back, don’t front…
Y’all gonna make me wig, I’ma give y’all what you want”

WHAT A WEEK 1!!!!!

Hopefully you guys and gals listened to the entire #ForecastFam and cashed NIIIIIIIICE….Fab Voice.

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Down to business…
WEEK 2 … NFL … Let’s go to work …


Tom Brady– Going against a shitty New Orleans 2ndary
Derek Carr – Going against terrible Jets 2ndary
Jameis Winston – Going against a soft Bears 2ndary
Jared Goff – Going against the ? mark that is the Redskins 2ndary

All of the above are in great spots. Obviously, you can pair them with who you want.
I prefer WRs/TEs.

Pats – Amendola/Cooks (Revenge Narrative)/ Hogan
Raiders – Cooper/Crabtree
Bucs – Evans/Jackson/Brate
Rams – Kupp/Austin/Watkins

Between the Tackles

Ajayi – Going against the scarecrow Chargers D-Line
Lynch – Going against the crash dummy Jets D-Line
Eddie Lacy – Going against the shit show 9ers D-Line

All these bruiser’s are in fantastic spots. Safe options for cash or GPP. People will be over thinking yet again!. Not me…I go where the O-Line will feast on the opposing D-Line. Simple fucking football. No need to confuse numbers and BULLSHIT. Trust me on this…

The Stop Sign aka Defense

Seahawks – They have the 9ers…Holy Chalk Batman.
Raiders – They have the Jets…Need I explain? They’re trash offensively
Jaguars – Slight hot take … But, they got the Titans. It’ll be a slight test…but I think this hungry Jags D…Feasts…again.


Welcome to the back alley…Welcome to the tar pits…Welcome to the crime scene…

Let’s get into my picks for a little #CriminalOwnership !!

Leonard Fournette – I nailed this last week…typo and all lmao. This week he lines up across the Titans, who can defend the pass better than the rush IMO. They have 0 push up the gut…so, get Fournette in the Red Zone…Money shall appear and cook you breakfast son!

Carson Wentz – Against a Berry-less Chiefs 2ndary. Lock and fucking load! Hopefully his WRs show up.

Colts Defense – HOT TAKE ALERT!!! – Let’s remember that the Card lost their Left Tackle AND you know who, in week 1. If you know anything about football, that means Carson Palmer is in for a bumpy week 2!

Antonio Gates – YUP … Going back to the well. Rivers did not get my guy the ball to break Tony Gonzalez’s record. He has TD record Narrative. Next TD breaks Tony Gonzalez’s record. He’ll be #1

Now let’s go pound this slate into submission like your favorite orifice!!

You freak, you LMAO

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I’m Out!

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