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I’ve loved football forever. I became a Cowboys fan after hearing my pops talk about how good Tony Dorsett was. They we’re always on during Thanksgiving, so subconsciously I developed a respect for them. If they were one during such an “important” holiday every year, they must be pretty important. I loved the logo too. How could you not fall in love with a team with a star on their helmet? This must mean they’re stars , right? Then the 90’s came and the rest is history. The triplets became my heroes. If you weren’t #8 , #22, and #88 YOU DID NOT EXIST TO ME lol. Of course the Leon Letts, Charles Haleys, Deion Sanders, Darren Woodsons, and the Jay Novaceks meant the world to me too.

As much as I respect all the white players in the league, I gravitated to the players that looked just like me. As a black man, I look back and reflect on why I love the game of football. I learned about the GOAT’s of their time, whether through video clips or by being taught about them. To know that people who look like me can play this game and excel kick started my urge to play. I did, won titles in pop warner and highschool. If it wasn’t for finding out that I have blount’s disease, and had to have major leg surgery to correct the bowing of my leg, I would have continued until I got into the NFL. But, that wan’t in the cards for me I guess. Not this lifetime.

In DFS, I prep like I am about to play lol. I watch video, I scout, i know what to look for and I do fantastic in NFL. It’s not about the numbers with me. That makes me unique in this community.

I know you’re thinking , “Ok, wtf is this article about?” lol.
It’ll be as clear as day in a second.

Fast forward to now. I hold a spot with an up and coming fantasy site, @FanForecast. Which is SO DIVERSE it hurts. Our staff is from all over the US. Different races, religions, and beliefs. We respect on another, we’re a family. We argue, bicker and get back to business. But the one thing we don’t do…Is conform. We are US…We have our own identity. We speak our mind. We stand up for what the fuck we believe in…And we support one another through good and bad.
For us…DFS is family…Much like the NFL says Football is family.
We don’t … DO POLITICS

Dearest NFL … My Beloved … You have become a hypocrite and betrayed me.
Here we have a young brutha who is standing up for his people on your “platform”, and you have a problem with him for doing that. Since when has the place that has become a safe haven for kids who love the game, play the game on multiple levels in hopes of reaching the pinnacle, to get out of hell, become a place where individuality is a problem. Since when is it ok for an institution that is the NFL , that is predominantly played by black people, to have the nerve to seemingly black ball a player who is standing up for the unjust treatment of his people?


Colin Kaepernick has stated multiple times, it is not about the vets. So why do the assholes that have an opinion, always say it’s disrespectful to the vets, You have vets siding with Kaep. So wtf is your excuse? Pure ignorance is the excuse. Politics.

The NFL gets a check cut by the US ARMY each week to show “patriotism”. Helps their recruitment of your young kids. How do people not see this? Why is it so easy to look away?
Is the money that important to the NFL? What about the message you are sending to each player you “employ”? You’re saying, conform or don’t play.
WAIT? That sounds so familiar. Where have I heard that before?
Oh…I remember.
“Your name is Toby…(lash from a whip) What is your name? ”
“Kunta….Kunta Kinte”

If youre too young to understand, go on youtube and look up scenes from the movie “Roots”. You’ll get it then.

This, TO ME is walking the very thin line of the conditioning my people received during slavery. The NFL owners…a crowd of old world white families, are sending a CLEAR message…If you’re awake to catch it. They want their players a certain way. If you don’t conform, you get no play. This is not an attack on white people. It’s the ideals I attack. It’s an explosive narrative to push on your players. My Cowboys too. I’m very bothered by Jerry Jones’ comments about the importance of the flag. He basically said, Pay tribute to the flag or don’t play…So fucking sad.

So where do we go? What do we do?
WE need to send a message to the NFL.
WE need to stand up for Kaep together.
WE need to stop being blind.
WE need to stop being ignorant.
WE need to do right by one another.
WE need understanding.
WE don’t need corporations to think for us.
WE don’t need the NFL.
WE have the power…Not them.
All WE have to do is recognize that and act as if…
WE…need a change.
Let HIM play.



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