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What’s good my fellow Fantasy Sports/DFSers?
Hope everybody is good and your bankroll is looking nice!
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Definitely wanted to S/O all of our supporters too. Without you guys/gals, there’d be no us.
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Let’s get the proceedings proceeding shall we?!?!

A little while ago via The Forward Mile and FanForecast, we dropped a SCAM ALERT article on Ahmerz. As people REPORTED TO US , he had been scamming them out of money, not with his lines, WHICH WE STATED, but via bets and not paying people back through other exchanges. Recently Ahmerz went live on Periscope to try to “explain” what was going on. In doing so, our name got brought up, and he tried to justify himself.


The dude is a scam artist. Period. You hop on Periscope and you say, “I fucked up, but…” No…the fact is and still remains, you fucked up and you continue to fuck up. How do you say, “Those who went public, aren’t getting paid back”. The fuck? In what world does that make sense ethically or on a human level? You owe…you pay. If it was a punk ass piece of change, you might get away with that, but reportedly, it isn’t. Your debt is in the thousands.

You ever think about this? What if everybody you scammed out of money, came together, lawyered up, and took you to court? It’s possible. I checked into it. What then? How would you handle that? How do you know they aren’t doing that right now? People are pissed off and want your head on a fucking silver platter my man. Classic case for wire fraud also.

Another pesky bit of info you shared as you were keepin’ it  “100” with the periscope crowd, You were sitting in a “$50k Lincoln” and the best bit of business you’ve done is establish your “Trust Fund” and “Doing good financially”. So…if that’s the case, pay everybody. Take a loan out against it, most banks will honor a trust fund, not all, but most. Sell the car, unless you don’t own it. There is many ways you can go my man lol. Or are you not willing to give up your comfort to do what’s right?

Let me be clear. I am not perfect, I’ve done my own bit of fucking up. We’re human. Flawed. But as a man, we can choose to be better and do what’s right. You’re 21 years old…Young and dumb. Maybe you don’t have an OG to put you up on game and beat your ass. Maybe this bullshit, is what you were taught. Maybe your screws a loose and you don’t see the error in your way. Maybe…you just don’t give a fuck. The fucked up shit in this, is that, though your lines maybe be fuego and you do your thing DFS wise…your stealing of money, is weighing the DFS community down. I heard you say, you will step down from DFS. I believe that as far as I can throw an elephant my man. You’re addicted to it. You said it yourself. Cut off a stream of income? A lucrative one at that? Makes no sense. So we’ll see.

Now…Let’s get to the personal shit…

I would advise you to not run your mouth like you’re a fucking tough guy. We all know you’re not one. You said … lol … “I’m the crazy mutha fucka who sent a dude a plane ticket” to come see you. You sent it to the wrong person. No diss to ClevelandGod. But, send that to somebody who’s built for that shit. Don’t be a keyboard or Periscope warrior. If you’re really about that action, bring the noise my man. Simple. I’m with the smoke!

FanForecast is my home. I ride for my guys. Do yourself a favor, and do not bark up the wrong tree. You acted as if we were in the wrong for letting the people know about what you were doing. They hit US UP, not the other way around. So if you have an issue…talk to the people in your inbox, not us. They wouldn’t hit us up to report you, if YOU were taking care of YOUR business. This “article” is not a grab at attention…we don’t need it…we have it. It’s not a smear campaign … you smeared yourself. YOU played yourself. You have your “loyalists”, like I said…this has nothing to do with your DFS success. Keep doing your thing. This is not “hate” … you have nothing for any of us to “hate” on. We don’t provide lines or any of that. Did for a while, but moved on. Now we help the community, that you are tarnishing. The people…came to us…just in case you didn’t get the memo, every other time I said it.

There is nothing you can say to me, or about me, to clown me or to make fun of me, that I haven’t heard before. You can go on Twitter and pop shit…go on Periscope and pop shit…hell you could get a loud-speaker and scream from the highest points about me…but the fact of the matter is…It’s all a deflection, to get the pressure off of you.

OH…and by the way. YOU ARE NOT THE BEST MLB PROVIDER. I can list 5 that would take a shit in your morning bowl of fruity pebbles and feed it to you. Need I remind you…
That shit got you trippin, having anxiety attacks and shit.
Anyway…to wrap this up with a tight little red bow.



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