DFS Provider Spotlight: 501DFSKing

College, Arkansas and the love for Sports, yes you guessed right! I had the unique pleasure of sitting down with an up and coming Provider that goes by the name of 501DFSKing.

Question 1: Who is @501DFSKing ?

“I am a sole provider for @501DFSKing. My name is Nick and I live in Arkansas. I’m in the young group of DFS players that are in college. At the moment I am 20 years old so making money through DFS is a big help. I’ve played a few sports in my past so betting on sports still keeps me in the game.”

Question 2: How did you get started with DFS?

“Just before I started college, I started hearing about FanDuel from some of my friends. Being the big NBA fan that I am, I quickly hopped on and began playing. Having not done DFS before I didn’t do very well at first, as you might expect because you can’t just pick players and expect to win. A lot of research goes into DFS and I’ve picked up on that the more that I play.”

Question 3: What makes @501DFSKing different from other providers?

“The one that sticks out the most is that I’m a college student, and I don’t imagine that many other full-time college students have time to research, play, advise, and provide for DFS. I also stand out from many other providers in that I play WNBA. I’ve looked through my fair share of providers and have only spotted a few others that play WNBA and have a decent cash rate.”

Question 4: How is your overall record either in one or multiple sports since the beginning of the year ?

“I just began my page back in April. I started off providing MLB but have since stopped. My MLB record was 29-10, 74.4%. What I’m loving now and sticking to is WNBA, and so far I am 16-7, 70%. It’s been a great year for me to say the least, my overall record is 45-17, 72.6%.”

Question 5: Do you have any success stories or big wins playing DFS?

“Not yet. Notice how i said “yet”. Being in college, money can be tight, so I’ve slowly began playing more and more money as I build up my bankroll. I haven’t had any BIG wins, but I’ve had plenty of nights where I’ll play no more than $25 and still end up winning over $100. I’ve been waiting for this year’s NFL and NBA to arrive and we’re almost there. That’s when I’ll be playing more and definitely winning more.

Question 6: How can people get ahold of @501DFSKing on social media?

“I can be reached through my Twitter page @501DFSKing anytime. The most efficient way is through DM’s. I normally reply within 5-10 minutes unless it is overnight.”

Provider Tip :

“BANKROLL MANAGEMENT! This is a very important part of DFS. If you win big one night, don’t go playing a ridiculous amount of money the next night. Consistently play around the same amount of money per lineup each day. I personally use a Cash to GPP ratio of about 80/20. “

“Another thing is don’t get scammed. If you are looking for a provider on Twitter, scroll through and look for their actual results. You can normally tell if screenshots are faked or copied. And if they never do freebies, or advice, or post their results, then they most likely aren’t winning and will just take your money.”

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