Off The Cuff – Special Report: Derby Curse?

So a Preist walks into a Vegas brothel….


Oh…What’s good my people? You caught me telling my 3rd best joke lol. Hope all is well with y’all and you’re crushing DFS/Season long! I mean…if youre not, that’s perfectly fine too, ya know? Performance issues happen all the time…they make pills and creams for that. You ever notice how they always sell them late at night? Like bruh…I’d normally be asleep, you should have this on during Love and Hip Hop. Guaranteed Safaree could sell them with his coconut oil and Ray Jay could sell it with his scooty bikes.


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I come to y’all this time on some other shit. Let me paint a picture for you. I was chillin’ one night, coooold double of some Pure White Hennessey in one hand, phone in the other. I get a DM from my guy @MBSports_Guru . He says to me, “Loved your article when you put everybody on blast, you said what a lot of us are thinking”. Of course, I keep it humble. I thanked him and let him know, I appreciated it. So we start talking about the HR Derby. Who disappointed, and all that good shit. Then he hits me with a fact I wasn’t ready for. He started telling me about the DERBY CURSE. I’m literally sitting on my couch captured by the thought of this being true. So we keep going back and forth.

Then he hit’s me and says, bruh…”There’s numbers to back up the theory”.
OK…now you got me. Now I’m alllllll in, because I don’t give 2 shits about numbers, and you’re suggesting a decline, that can be shown? So it isn’t some “tin foil hat” theory that I cooked up, (Yea…I know y’all think I’m nuts for what I say sometimes…Doesn’t bother me, especially when it’s all coming to fruition lol). IM IN!

Anyway…So we dive back into this convo…and the numbers are fucking staggering. So I’ve been squatting on this info to put the theory to the test even more. THIS SHIT IS LEGIT. Don’t get me wrong, Stanton is on a fucking tear after the ASB…but still you have to expect a few dudes are just different. He’s a fucking athletic Frankenstein.
But seriously….Peep this shit!
As they say…Men Lie, Women Lie … NUMBERS Don’t (In certain regards) lol.

HR Derby:
Home runs after derby/Total home runs
*= Player participated in the derby before that season2:

Trumbo- 19/47
Seager- 9/26
Cano- 19/39
*Stanton- 7/27
Duvall- 10/33
Myers- 9/28
*Frazier- 15/40 in it the 2 years before
Cargo- 6/25

Pujols- 14/40 Injured so data is skewed
Bryant- 14/26
Joc- 6/26
Machado- 16/35
*Donaldson- 20/41 in It the year before
Rizzo- 15/31
*Frazier- 10/35
Fielder- 10/23


*Cespedes- 8/22
Frazier- 10/29
Baustista- 18/35
Stanton- 16/37
Adam Jones- 13/29
Tulo- Hurt
Morneau- 4/17
Dozier- 5/23
Puig- 4/16

Are these dudes cursed? Would you have your productive bats do the Derby after seeing this? I wouldn’t…Id keep them faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away!!
That’s it for me folks, Holla at me on Twitter @KingZito973 to discuss this shit further!
Ya’ll be safe. Peace and love!


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