MLB Lineup Locks – 7/31/17

Most of my articles will start with me mentioning a gas can so lets get start it. Justin Smoak today will get the worst pitcher against left-handed hitters in the entire league.

Justin Smoak is one of the best left-handed hitters against right handed pitching this season as he has 23 home runs this year against RHP with .381 wOBA, 43% fly ball rate, a .292 ISO and 42% hard hit rate. He, in my opinion is the best player in the entire slate.

On the other hand, Shields is ranked at the very bottom of the league in wOBA vs LHH as only 2-3 are worse than him. Lefties have slashed 307/.426/.644 against Shields this season and they have hit over 3.5 HR/9 and have had over a 50% fly-ball rate….. Do I have to say anymore???

Now on to Khris Davis and my Oakland stack.. Guess who they are facing – a GAS CAN!!!!! Khris Davis has one problem that we can all probably agree with right? Any guesses?? Well he Strikes out about 292995029184829 times per season (Just kidding…he sports a 32% K rate) But if hes not striking out hes hitting dingers.

Luckily for Davis, He gets Matt “cant-K-anyone” Cain tonight. He has only induced a 5% swinging strike rate which is by far the lowest of any starting pitcher in the league this season.

Davis also owns a .300 ISO against righties. More about Cain – on the road he allows hitters to slash at 340/.406/ 550 and owns these horrendous numbers…… Are y’all ready for them?????

I think we might get the A’s stack as my comrade Johnny Espizito says at #CriminalOwnership (Make sure to check out his tee)….. Ok here are the numbers 45.1 IP, 8.14 ERA, .343 AVG, .404 wOBA, 10 HR (on the road). $TACK AWAY!

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