Prime Pitchers – 7/24/17

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For this edition of Prime Pitchers, I have included my top tier option, my second tier option and my pitcher to stack against tonight, so let’s get to it!

Top Tier

Jacob deGrom ($11,000) @ San Diego Padres

If deGrom isn’t 110% owned in all cash game formats then I give up on MLB DFS. He’s been masterful this season and this is a prime example of a situation you don’t want to overthink.

On the season, deGrom sports a 28.0% K-rate, 3.57 SIERA, 3.37 xFIP and a 47% ground-ball rate. While he’s still had minor struggles with hard contact (1.29 HR/9 and 33.7% hard-contact percentage), he holds an 11-3 record and should have no problem moving to 12-3 tonight.

The Padres rank 26th in wRC+ (87), 27th in wOBA (0.305), 16th in ISO (0.168) and carry a league-leading 25.6% strikeout rate against right-handed pitching. For $11,000 – I’d argue you’re getting away with robbery with deGrom…

Second Tier

Brad Peacock ($8,900) @ Philadelphia Phillies

If you insist on pivoting off of deGrom (don’t) or are playing in tournaments, Peacock is your guy. He’s been absolutely mowing batters down this season (32.4% K-rate) and has done as good of a job as anyone when it comes to limiting hard contact (27.3% HC% and 0.13 HR/9).

In addition, he’s sporting a phenomenal 3.80 SIERA (deGrom’s is 3.57 for reference) and a 3.72 xFIP.

While the Phillies are not quite the Padres and they scored a bunch of runs against the Brewers last series, they’re nothing to be afraid of. They currently rank 28th in wRC+ (85), 26th in wOBA (0.306) and 26th in team ISO (0.147) against right-handed pitching. So, actually, they ARE worse than the Padres. Their 23.5% K-rate against righties also feeds right into the hands of Peacock and his 32.4% K-rate.

Good luck, Philly…

Target Pitcher

Bartolo Colon ($5,500) @ Los Angeles Dodgers

This should be just as clear as playing deGrom in cash, but some people need to be pointed in the right direction anyways.

Colon said that whether he retires or not is contingent on this start, so I fully expect him to retire Tuesday morning. He brings a 14.1% K-rate, 4.96 SIERA and a 4.90 xFIP into a matchup with one of the most potent offenses in the game. In addition, he’s given up 1.48 HR/9 innings on the season on a 32.8% hard-contact percentage and his fastball velocity is down to 90.6 mph as he continues to serve up more and more meatballs to dangerous hitters.

The Dodgers rank 5th in the league in wRC+ (109), 5th in wOBA (0.336) and 10th in ISO (0.189) against right-handed pitchers. This spells absolute disaster for Bartolo Colon.

All of the Dodgers lefties come in as elite plays (Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager, Yasmani Grandal, Joc Pederson, Chase Utley) and even Justin Turner, Chris Taylor and Yasiel Puig are great plays. Christ…I just listed every batter except the pitcher…


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