#CriminalOwnership – 7/22/17

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, children of all ages…Fantasy Forecast, proudly brings to you, it’s Off The Cuff, Champion of the wwwwwwooooorlllllld. The system bucking asshole…the bad ass son of a gun…



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Down to business…

Welcome to the back alley…Welcome to the tar pits…Welcome to the crime scene…

Welcome…to the 1st issue of #CriminalOwnership !!!

If you’re alive and well in the TwitterVerse and DFS community, you’ve probably seen this hashtag plastered everywhere lol. I can’t thank y’all enough for helping me bring it to life! I had no idea it’d take off the way it has, and that is in great part to all of ya’ll who support and find this shit just as fun as I do.

Enough yappin, let’s get into it. Friday night’s slate was WILD and loaded with under owned players who should have eaaaaasily been chalk in my opinion. My guy Josh Fernandez of @LineupLogic/@FanForecast is going to rail the shit out of these articles with his numbers and tell me, “in actuality, this is why they were low owned” LMAO.  To me, in my weird ass “Off The Cuff” mind…where the numbers get burned alive and the ashes are added to the daily wake and bake…….errrrrrr, I mean, the daily Protein shake… 🙂

Edwin Encarnacion

The homie is returning to form! To me, Encarnacion is a dude who demands chalk. His power, is not to be fucked with! He had himself a GAME baby! I know my guys over a AC Karma Sports are loving this mention lol.

#ClevelandLove .

Michael Conforto

For real though….Why in the bull hell do people stay away from him?!? The dude is a legit PLAYER. Ohhhhh don’t try to hop on his dick now that he’s heating up. When players are as good as him, you ride the lows with the highs !

Victor Martinez

NO…NO….NO….NO KISS MY ASS WITH ALL THAT AGE SHIT! MISS ME WITH THAT, “HE’S TRASH” SHIT. NO….NO and NO! Ya ass should have had him in the GPP. With the exit of JD Martinez, evvvverybody is going to be stepping up in Detroit. It would behoove you to acknowledge that!

ANNNNNND Batting Clean Up for #CriminalOwnership

Josh Bell

On a slate with Sale, Scherzer, Shark and COORS fucking field….How in the double dipped shit sticks in Josh Bell so low owned…in Coors?!?! I swear, DFS players are half mental. This was one of the easiest players to lock in, in my opinion.  The fuck?!?!? LMAO

And there you have it people. Last nights #CriminalOwnership . S/O to Fred Galvis too got damn it! The #CriminalOwnership GOAT! As always, you can find all of our content on the @FanForecast website. Hit me on twitter @KingZito973 at any time, I promise I’ll get back to ya! See ya’ll on the next edition/episode bay bay!!


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