Scam Alert: DFSLineups_

Who: @DFSLineups_
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When: There have been rumbles throughout the industry for months, peaking towards the end of March Madness.

Details: @DFSLineups_, better known by his Twitter name #TrustAhmerzProcess, is no stranger to the DFS industry and also one of the most polarizing accounts in the community.

His bio claims that he has won $269,000 through DFS, something many individuals question, but the biggest issue and reason for this scam alert is his failure to pay people when he owed them money.

Dozens of individuals voiced their complaints on Twitter during the end of the NCAA tournament and other contests when he failed to pay them back. He was even called out by another polarizing account in the industry, @ClevelandGod, regarding the same issues.

He used a plethora of different reasons, talking about moving, investing in a trust fund and even more. Big wins will only get you so far in this industry, at some point, transparency and integrity should come into play. He even addressed the situation and admitted to not paying back those who won in his bracket challenge in a youtube video that has since been deleted. However, this was the tweet that he posted the link on originally:

We have surveyed a large number of individuals on Twitter who have had their struggles when dealing with DFSLineups_ and have included some of their encounters below and linked their Tweets to this article.


“He doesn’t have big wins. Not as big as he claims. Biggest liar in the community” – @DFSManu

“I’ve had people tell me he owes them from promising to pay if they didn’t make a profit and he never paid up. Probably 3 or 4 of his NBA subs.” – @MonstarsDFS

“(Ahmerz) scammed me out of March Madness Bracket money, then blocked me from his lineup page when I called him out….Just kept making excuses…he owes thousands of dollars across everyone he has scammed.” – @HBK_DFS


In the above Tweet, DFSLineups_ decides that he’s not going to pay

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