Don’t Fear Locking Fiers : 7/16/17

Fiers is my top pitcher on this beautiful Sunday slate and I will have 100% exposure for various reasons.

Reason number one is that he won’t lack the run support to get the win as the Astros get to beat up on Kyle Gibson who owns a 5-7 record with a 6.31 ERA. Also, Fiers has been a great pitcher since the start of June. Actually, in the month of June, Fiers did not allow a single long ball while yielding a .189/.274/.243 slash line, A 55% GB rate and an astonishing wOBA of .239.

In July, Fiers has pitched 10.0 inning in 2 starts, racking up 13 Ks and has just allowed three earned runs (it’s nothing to be worried about with an offense like the Astros backing you up).

Now lets get to the Twins’ lineup, which could include as many as six left-handed hitters. Fiers has produced massive reverse splits this season. Which means he has shut down Lefties. In 2017, Fiers has held left-handed hitters to a .292 wOBA, 28.8% hard hit rate and a 50.0% GB rate. Also we can’t forget that Fiers has been much better at home and he has the best offense in the league backing him up, and today he his one of the biggest favorites in the slate and the Twins are tied for the lowest run total on the slate.

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