MLB Plays of the Day – 7/14/17

MLB IS BACK!!!! The newest member of Fantasy Forecast, DFS_JDM here to help you guys through tonight’s massive 15-game MLB slate to kick off the weekend. So without further ado lets jump into it! 

Starting off with the pitching options tonight. Honestly out of the top arms throwing tonight there is really only one i would trust for cash games. For me, it’s Carlos Carrasco. I mean, deGrom has looked good in recent starts but on FD I cannot pay the $10.9K price tag for him, not tonight.

Below are my preferred plays at each position for tonight’s 9-game MLB DFS main slate:

(FanDuel Pricing)


Carlos Carrasco ($9,500)

As I mentioned above, Carlos Carrasco is my top cash game option tonight. I think he is a steal for only $9.5K on FD, especially going up against the Oakland A’s. For instance, the A’s have the 2nd highest K% rate vs RHP and Carrasco’s K/9 is currently sitting at 9.8. He has had great success against Oakland in his career as well. Last time he pitched against them he went 7 innings for 7 Ks and only 2 earned runs for a total of 46 FDP.


Buster Posey ($3,000)

Let me start off by saying Posey for 3K on FD is #CriminalOwnership. Someone got his price totally wrong and it’s a shame and so disrespectful to the man who continues to smash the baseball year in and year out. Posey will be the chalk at the catcher position in my mind. We have a BvP Alert! If you are a BvP person: Posey has hit 11/27 off opposing pitcher Clayton Richard for a average of .407 and he has hit 2 homers as well in his career against the southpaw. Posey was ice cold before the ASB but don’t let that cloud your judgement, plug him in and move on!

First Base

Logan Morrison ($3,500)

Logan Morrison is my favorite play tonight at 1B. Not sure where his ownership will come in at on such a big slate, but I wouldn’t think it would be very high. Morrison is facing gas can Ricky Nolasco who has been absolutely garbage this season. Morrison has a very good 24% homerun-to-fly-ball rate and Nolasco has one of the higher HR/FB rates in the league at 19.8% which favors Morrison in this matchup. Another stat I want to bring to your attention is Nolasco’s Hard contact % which is 37.9% which is higher than any other pitcher on the slate tonight. In comparison, Morrison’s HC% is  42.6%. All I’m saying is don’t be surprised by a big night from Mr. Morrison and the Rays.

Second Base

Robinson Cano ($3,200)

Again I have to point out 3.2k for Cano is absurd and disrespectful. I won’t go too much in depth why you all should have Cano in your line but here are some good deciding factors. We have another BvP Alert! Cano faces opposing pitcher James Shield who is terrible especially against Lefties. Cano is a whopping 33/78 off Shields for a .423 BA also slugging .692 against him with 4 HRss. This one is easy just play him and eat the chalk!

Third Base

Kyle Seager ($2,500)

I see a trend in for the Seattle Mariners! I love Kyle Seager tonight and he is super cheap (a good way to fit in a top priced arm). Again like Cano, Seager has feasted on opposing pitcher James Shields hitting him for a 7/17 clip for a .412 BA and .941 SLG with 3 of those hits being home-runs. I forgot to mention this about Shields but since Cano/Seager are Lefties Shields wOBA against Lefties is .430 which is the highest on the slate tonight meaning Lefties like Cano/Seager should put up some numbers for us tonight.


Elvis Andrus ($3,200)

I am going to be honest with you guys on this one. But it was difficult writing about or in fact picking a Shortstop today. I am not in love with any of them but if i had to pick one it would be Elvis Andrus. Let me start off by saying Kansas City Royals pitcher Jason Hammel is not good. Andrus is having a career year. The Rangers have a implied run total of 4.63 tonight against Hammel which favors Andrus, Also his wOBA is at a career high .348 for him currently.


Bryce Harper ($4,600)

Probably one of my favorite plays on the slate tonight! Yes he is expensive but i think he will be well worth it. Where to start? Well the Nationals have the 3rd highest run expectancy tonight sitting at 5.19 against RHP Adelman. Also the park shift to Great American Ball Park plays in favor of Harper and the nationals. Adelman has a wOBA vs LHB at a whopping .335 along with T-wOBA of .344 one of the highest on the slate. Harper has a wOBA of .410 and only a 15.4 K% with a great 13.2 BB%. If this matchup doesn’t scream Harper dong i don’t know what does. I am calling Harper/Morrison dongs tonight!

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