Scam Alert: GPPCashLineups




Scam was reported to Fantasy Forecast on July 11, 2017


@GPPCashLineups is a new twitter DFS provider that joined twitter in May of 2017. On July 11, it was brought to Forward Mile’s attention (Fantasy Forecast’s DFS Community News Alert Team) that @GPPCashLineups was stealing screenshots from AC Karma Sports and portraying them to be his/their own (not sure if it is a group or individual).

In the screenshot in question @GPPCashLineups offers a subscription to their PGA Season for $50.00, a $350.00 discount as he/they claim to normally sell the subscription for $400.00.

The biography on @GPPCashLineups reads: “If you need experts to send you winning lineups, then dm us. We do all sports. We’re proven and established sellers with multiple years of experience.” Any DFS provider that is an expert with years of experience will have evidence to back that up, and have no problem letting you know who they really are. This account has scam written all over it.

UPDATE: It has been uncovered that @GPPCashLineups works under two separate Twitter accounts. The second account is: @Lineup_Provider

7/15/17 UPDATE: We have been uncovered that @GPPCashLineups have a number of separate twitter accounts all being operated in the same manner.

The following accounts are all affiliated with @GPPCashLineups

  • @Lineup_Provider
  • @Lineup_Producer
  • @DFSInTheGreen
  • @DFSMachine


“He stole a few of our screenshots. PGA From this past weekend and MLB a week or so ago” – Ben Hossler, AC Karma Sports

“He’s using screenshots to get subs , and claiming they’re his lines.” – Johnny Espizito, Fantasy Forecast

UPDATE: “Another one! Wow, make this the 4th provider we caught scamming people with the same lineup as the other 3. Unreal,” – Fanduel Bomb Lineups











UPDATE 7/15/2017:

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2 Thoughts to “Scam Alert: GPPCashLineups”

  1. Troy

    I would like to know if he does actual work before using a source to put it together before screenshot and distribution. Or is he taking straight from the source.

  2. Kenneth Betz

    Winners DFS and lineups specialist scammed me by copying someone else winning lineups and putting them on Twitter got me for 700 dollars please put a stop to them before they do it to another person we work hard for our money we don’t need this people to rip me or any other people off thank you very much

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