Don’t Be a Victim of Provider Scam

Sherlock Holmes, Richard Diamond, Boston Blackie…

Possibly the top 3 fictional detectives of all time. Finding clues, researching and most of all they solved crimes. Today’s article is going to talk about why anyone who is looking for a provider, should always research, investigate, do more research, and then do more research.  Remember, we’re all our own detectives when it comes to DFS so don’t fall victim of a crime.

In the past couple of hours, I’ve seen my Twitter feed and others post about scammers or frauds that make other providers look bad. After putting all the tweets together in a spreadsheet, it comes as a median narrative that a certain provider or providers are either stealing lines and selling them or just taking the money and running.

Let’s go over a few things. First, you wouldn’t just jump on and purchase it without some research going into it. As a man who has a Bachelors in Marketing and Communications, I’ve come to realize that research is key to not getting screwed over and getting the best deal.  Buying a car is the same way in that you just don’t jump on the first deal because you see a low payment or their having a flash sale. You should always and I can’t stress this enough, ALWAYS, do research and go to multiple dealerships to compare. Buying a mortgage from a bank, you MUST research the banks and loan amount, APR and is it a 15 or 30-month plan? PS- if you can pay off a mortgage in 15 months, you get an A++ from me.

Millennials have knowledge at their fingertips. Whether it’s from a friend, Google or asking SIRI a question and getting an answer. Why don’t people research providers? It involves money, something you love doing and no one likes to lose.

My twitter feed is alerting me that there have been continuous tweets so of course, I jump on to check it out. After reading a few tweets and the subtweets, someone got scammed and poof, the provider blocks that person or persons and their money is gone. I’m going to plug my article: The Weekly Provider Spotlight here on Fantasy Forecast and look at the provider tips. You should too, these are free tips from known providers and guess what, it’s free knowledge.

As I continue to the conclusion of this story, I always ponder if providers use other providers, RotoGrinders which most tools are free or if they are just scamming people out of money. I’ve seen some prices for providers and I just can’t imagine a logical person not researching a provider who is asking for $100-$150 for lines. They could take your money and leave for Monaco (non-extradition country to USA). There is so much free information out there and providers who are willing to help and give advice.

Please please please, I beg you to do a little research people. FREE provider tips are always at the bottom of the PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT article.

I’m scammed almost every day. Or, if not scammed, at the very least someone tries to scam me. Usually more than once a day.

-James Altucher

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