Scam Alert: DFSLineups2




Scam was reported to Fantasy Forecast on June 3rd, 2017


DFSLineups2 provides followers with free WNBA lineups. In order to gain interest and notoriety DFSLineups2 guaranteed that if one of his (unsure if this is a group affiliation or not) followers played the line and it did not cash that he would refund their money. The line did not cash and when his followers took him up on his offer he refused to follow through. While DFSLineups2 did not take money for the line he did back the line with a guarantee.

It is unethical to promise something to customers/subs/followers and not to follow through, those who utilize his lineups and offers should beware of shady practices.

UPDATE: He has now admitted that he does not play the lines that he provides his followers.


“He promised to pay people back if they used the line and lost.
Then he lost and reneged. Lots of people played and lost, he left them hanging.” -@DFS_ROE1_ELITE

“He made a post saying he won’t refund anyone because he never charged for anything so he doesn’t need to, and he deleted his original tweet.” -@MBSports_Guru





























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