June Madness Kicks Off June 5th

MLB DFS is in full swing (pun intended) and Fan Duel Tourney’s June Madness begins on June 5th. The concept is mirrored from the NCAA’s March Madness, pitting 64 of the top amateur DFS players in the world against each other in a single elimination tournament.


To determine seeding, entrants competed in three nights of preliminary rounds. Each player’s three-night total determined what seed they were awarded.

Seeds were announced Sunday, June 4th. Fan Duel Tourney’s deemed it “Selection Sunday.”

Each tournament region was named after an MLB Ballpark: Wrigley, Fenway, Camden Yards, and Coors. Here are the matchups in each region:





There will be seven games on the MLB Slate for the start of the tournament. Highlighted games include St. Louis vs. Cincinnati, Miami vs. Chicago, and the late game between Washington vs. Los Angeles.

Three Fantasy Forecast contributors are competing in the tournament. Myself, Chris Camiolo, and Ben Knee

For immediate updates and more information go to @FanDuelTourneys on Twitter.

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