ESPN Fantasy Football Finally Makes Defensive Scoring Change

Back in the beginning of May, ESPN announced that they were finally addressing on-going complaints in regards to their Team Defense/Special Teams scoring (Team D/ST).

Until now, if your Team D/ST had pitched a shutout, you could still potentially lose points. If a turnover took place while your team’s offense was on the field and that turnover resulted in a score, you were docked in the points against category. For instance, if you were a Matt Schaub and Houston Texans owner years ago you got burned many times by Schaub’s infamous pick sixes and you may still be feeling the pain from this rule.

Fantasy players argued that the defense should not be held responsible for something that occurred while they were sitting on the bench. The argument was reasonable and daily fantasy sites already had this figured out which may be part of the reason the rule change was so sought after.

You will still be docked points if the team makes the extra point or two-point conversion following the score because the defense will be on the field. While that rule may be short lived, it is, for now, a cause for celebration for the 58 million ESPN Fantasy Football Players worldwide.

Matthew Berry and the Fantasy Focus Podcast Crew make the announcement here:

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