Don’t Be Afraid to Question Your Provider

Twitter, Rotoworld, Roto anything, tips, and ease of play. Pretty much any information you can find to construct a cash or tournament DFS lineup is all out there for anyone to see. I will never call out any DFS provider if they have a bad night. I’m all about tips, shout outs, and of course, GIFs. I have asked a few people: if you knew the person well enough, would you be okay questioning their knowledge and lineup construction?

We all watch the computer screen or refresh the Fan Duel or Draft Kings app on our phones to see the team that we have paid for. Whether that be a weekly or monthly fee, we all want that little blue icon to end up in the green grass by the end of the night. All of this is bringing me to the point. Is it okay to either A) Question how they got their lineup for the night or B) Ask them how their day is going (since family, work, and other actual “life” activities come into play).

We don’t know if someone just broke up with their girl or boyfriend or is having a miserable day. Sometimes as DFS players, we need to really understand who is doing what. Are providers stealing other lines from providers? Don’t be afraid to question your providers, and ask them how they’re doing.

Lastly, please remember, the providers work for you, if they don’t provide lines, they don’t make money or get tips. If you’re paying weekly or monthly, express your feelings about how they’re doing. You are technically their boss and everyone appreciates a good boss.

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