Dating vs. DFS

When planning an online date, I always try to figure out my date’s schedule, where she works, where she lives, and what she likes. I take all of this into consideration when I am deciding where we should meet. I have come to realize, that I now have to add another criteria, to the list: DFS.

While getting home from work, I’m refreshing twitter for any news so I can be prepared for later. I shower, trim the beard, and spray the cologne before one last check in the full length mirror and I’m ready to go. My hand goes to turn the door knob as I leave and boom! I get an alert from twitter that lets me know someone isn’t starting.

I sit down and next thing I know, 15 mins go by and I’m late for my date. As I’m getting out of the car, I look at my phone and it’s at 10% battery with 20 minutes until lock. We start eating sushi and start chatting, getting to know each other. I let her know that I’m waiting for providers and their lines. She has no idea what I’m saying and it probably sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher at this moment. I explain I have a DFS twitter family and I use their lines to win money, and she comes back with a wink. Not to sure how to take that but that Eel Avocado roll is in front of me so I’m okay with it.

First line comes, and just Like John Ross’s 40 time, I’m quick to enter and put the phone down. Here come the saki bombs, shooters and the green tea ice cream.

Next thing I know it’s 6:53pm, seven minutes to lock! I swipe my finger down waiting for the line. I look up and my date has no idea what I’m doing and for all she knows, I’m chatting with another girl.

Alert! The line comes in and I set it and forget it! Even though my lines sometimes don’t pay, I’ve learned that my dates and DFS can be mutual friends, but now I’ll put in my profile that dates at times between 6pm-7pm won’t be allowed because of DFS.

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