Stacks of the Slate – 5/10/17

With my college graduation on Saturday morning, I thought I’d have a lot more free time to crank out articles, but unfortunately I was wrong. Between the Senior Week activities, cleaning the house and packing to go back home it’s been pretty hectic but I’m going to try and carve out some time for content.

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We’ve got a very fun 9-game MLB DFS slate on tap tonight that features a ton of strikeout potential for pitchers and a ton of offenses to target. There are a TON of stacks I love tonight, but after researching and digging in more and more, I’ve separated my favorites. I have included my three favorites and also listed other stacks to look at.

Without further ado, here are my stacks of the day for 5/10/17:

Premium Stack

Los Angeles Dodgers (IRT – 4.5)

As Sean and I talked about on the Lineup Logic podcast this morning, we completely overlooked the Dodgers’ bats but I refuse to make that mistake again. They’re a hot offense and come in to tonight’s matchup against Chad Kuhl of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Kuhl has certainly been impressive this season, especially against right-handed batters allowing only a 0.212 wOBA, 0.241 SLG and has yet to allow a home run to righties. When it comes to left-handed batters, it’s a different story.

Against left-handed batters, Kuhl has struggled mightily allowing a 0.498 wOBA (!!!), a 0.696 SLG and a 41.7% hard contact rate. Guess what the Dodgers have a lot of? SOLID LEFTIES. So, you guessed it, my ideal stack would be a 1-2-4 stack of the Dodgers’ lefties with their 2017 splits against right-handed pitchers listed below:

  • LHB – Joc Pederson ($2,900) – 0.334 wOBA // 0.149 ISO // 41.2% HC
  • LHB – Corey Seager ($3,500) – 0.386 wOBA // 0.176 ISO // 45.9% HC
  • LHB – Cody Bellinger ($3,500) – 0.459 wOBA // 0.444 ISO // 40.0% HC

*Seager is incredibly underpriced and if you elect to fade a Dodgers stack, I strongly recommend using him as a one-off bat.

As you can see, all three of these lefties are both reasonably priced and crush right-handed pitching. If you want to add another Dodger to the stack, I love Yasmani Grandal priced at $2,900 and projected to hit out of the 5-hole. He carries a 0.370 wOBA and a 0.206 ISO against left-handed pitchers this season and should continue that success tonight.

With so many aces on the mound, it’s necessary to find a more reasonably-priced stack and the Dodgers come at a bit of a discount for the potential they have ahead of tonight’s matchup with Chad Kuhl and the Pirates.

Secondary Stack

Milwaukee Brewers (IRT – 5)

The Milwaukee Brewers continue to mash pitching after posting 11 runs against the Red Sox last night and they draw an even more enticing matchup tonight against starter Kyle Kendrick.

Kendrick has only pitched in one game this season and boy was he bad as he lasted only 4 innings against the Orioles and surrendered 8 hits, 2 walks and 6 earned runs. He’s particularly bad against left-handed batters, allowing a career 0.362 wOBA (0.574 this season), a 0.714 SLG and currently a 42.9% HC rate against lefties.

Much like the Dodgers, the Brewers have some lefties who can crush the baseball. My ideal Brewers stack would be a 1-2-4 stack with a righty mixed in with two lefties. Their 2017 splits against right-handed batters are listed below:

  • RHB – Keon Broxton ($3,000) – 0.360 wOBA // 0.197 ISO // 27.5% HC
  • LHB – Eric Thames ($4,100) – 0.453 wOBA // 0.357 ISO // 46.9% HC
  • LHB – Travis Shaw ($3,600) – 0.339 wOBA // 0.277 ISO // 30.4% HC

As you can see, Keon Broxton carries some reverse-splits into tonight’s matchup in the leadoff spot while the two lefties clearly dominate the platoon advantage. In addition to those three, I also love a discounted Ryan Braun ($3,700) who holds a 2017 wOBA of 0.376 and an ISO of 0.303 against right-handed pitching.

Bonus Stack

Detroit Tigers (IRT – 5.7)

The Tigers crush righties. If you play MLB DFS, you know this. They match up with the young Zack Godley of the Diamondbacks tonight who, while he has not been godly (lol), he’s been impressive.

Godley carries a 50% ground-ball rate, an xFIP of 4.08 with a 19% K-rate. Again, nothing that is bad enough to pop off of the page, BUT he faces an offense with a 0.332 wOBA, 0.816 OPS and a wRC+ of 111 against right-handed pitchers.

When deploying a Tigers’ stack tonight, I love a 2-3-4 stack with their 2017 splits against righties listed below:

  • LHB – Tyler Collins ($2,600) – 0.327 wOBA // 0.118 ISO // 42.9% HC
  • RHB – Miguel Cabrera ($4,100) – 0.343 wOBA // 0.234 ISO // 47.9% HC
  • RHB – Nick Castellanos ($3,700) – 0.332 wOBA // 0.177 ISO // 55.2% HC

All three of these players absolutely crush right-handed pitching as evident by their hard contact percentages. If you want more Tigers’ exposure, I don’t mind Ian Kinsler if he’s in the lineup and Justin Upton after he absolutely destroyed a home run last night in his return to Chase Field.

Other Options:
  • Boston Red Sox (IRT – 4.6)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks (IRT – 5.7)
  • Washington Nationals (IRT – 4.3)


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