DFS Provider Spotlight : Draft_Manager

Question 1: Who is @draft_manager?

“We’re a group of ex-poker players who got into DFS about 3.5 years ago. We decided to take the skills we had from playing poker professionally into the DFS market. We knew there would be a lot of providers out there and we wanted to be a provider that wouldn’t hold anything back. A lot of other sites promote their pro DFS players, but those sites hold back on information given. We give out the exact information and projections that we use to play for a living.”

Question 2: How did you get started with DFS?

“After online poker left the United States market, this seemed like the next logical choice, having a background in gambling, game theory and statistics it was an easy and obvious jump for us.”

Question 3: What makes @draft_manager different from other providers?

“The most popular sites have had problems with their pros giving out information on “must plays” and then you’ll see their lineups and they don’t contain their “must plays.” This leads to distrust. We put out tools and lineups and you can see that we play those exact same players in our lineups. We’ve chopped several large GPP’s with our users because they get the same information we get. We knew that eventually the market would be saturated with information, we wanted to be one of the first to provide solid trust worthy information.”

Question 4: How is your overall record either one or multiple sports since the beginning of the year ?

“That’s a complex question with a lot of answers. “

RECORD (WIN – LOSS) : 218,269 – 169,838

WINNINGS : $7,359,802.01

“That’s lifetime on FanDuel, so you can see we play a pretty high volume. We won at about 64% head to head in NBA, 62% in NFL this season, and We’re currently at 58% in MLB.”

Question 5: Do you have any success stories or big wins playing DFS?

“We’ve made some live finals before, specifically two entries into the FD live finals for MLB. We finished 11th in that for 55k,  but have had several 5 figure scores in various GPP’s. We use a kelly criterion method to maximize our profits and bankroll.”

Question 6: How can people get ahold of @draft_manager on social media?

“We’re on facebook and instagram (Draftmanager) and you mentioned our twitter handle. We always offer a week or two free for anyone that wants to test our products out. We’re pretty quick to reply and help our customers.”

Provider Tip:

“I wrote this article a few months ago. I think the biggest thing is to have realistic expectations and to understand which contests are profitable and which ones aren’t. People often come to us and think that they’ll play one lineup in a GPP and if it doesn’t cash that it’s no good. DFS is a grind, and you have to push small edges. The article is a really good read for new and experienced players.”

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