Off The Cuff – Special Edition – 5/5/2017

What’s really good people? Today we’re going to do it a little different. Today, is not about me telling you, “Fuck The Numbers”. Today, is not about stacks and one off’s. Today, is about something way bigger than any of us. Today, we talk about Race.

In true “Off the Cuff ” fashion, I will say…FUCK RACISM. It’s ugly and a cancer that’s need to be cut out long before any sport was ever fucking played. It makes me sick to my stomach, that it still exists and is alive and well. More specifically, I am disgusted by recent events that took place at Fenway Park. Fenway…the home og a team that I have loved and repped my whole life. Look at my avi on Twitter (@KingZito973) … Red Sox fitted. My grandfather (Who was a die-hard Mets fan) always wore a Red Sox hat because my last name (Government) begins with a B. I always loved the logo. But , when I got older and started watching the Sox play, I fell in love with them. I’ve sat in Yankee stadium with a Red Sox fitted on, getting called every foul-mouthed name possible lol. I love that kind of heat though.

I know how much we are hated and I embrace it.
Nonetheless, the other night, fan at Fenway showered Baltimore’s Adam Jones with racial slurs and we’ve been at each other’s necks ever since. I am beyond disappointed in the Red Sox Organization and fans at Fenway. A team that has stars such as Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Chris Young, Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. Minorities…you call Adam Jones a word, attached to so much oppression. So much pain. So much suffering. So much demoralization. So much hate. A work spewed by whites as they hung blacks from trees, sprayed blacks with hoses, beat up with night sticks, whips and shackled in chains. Boston…a place where at one time James Brown had a concert and SAVED that city with his music and leadership. Dr. King was just assassinated and black people were ready to tear Boston in half, but James Brown…told that crowd to do better and don’t make US look bad.

Boston…how dare you.
What message do these events send? It sends a message that something is still BROKEN. This nation is supposed to be UNITED. It’s clear…that in some parts…we are not. Do we blame it on leadership? Maybe…that’s an easy target. FUCK TRUMP. His racist rhetoric is a mirror image of the nasty underbelly of the nation. But it’s obvious , it doesn’t stop there. Racism is passed down, generation to generation. So until the PEOPLE stop spewing this bullshit, we as a nation will never…ever be rid of this.
Me personally, I’m Black/French/Native American, I’m engaged to a beautiful half Irish, half Italian woman. I work side by side with the Fan Forecast founders, Joe Metz and Ben Joyce, when we talk I call them “brutha”, not because it sounds good. But, because that is how much I respect and have love for them.

      I run a business that employs people from allllll walks of life/religions/creeds and what have you. No amount of hate or anger should ever make you spew out something vile. If it does, it shows your true feelings. Is this the true feelings of Boston? If it is, every player should ask to be released and granted said releases, so they can find a home that will treat them with respect and love.
It’s easy to sit and say, “Oh what’s the big deal, it’s just words”. Oh yeah? I’d gladly role reverse with ANYBODY who thinks that. We must do better people. If we don’t, then we are doomed to repeat history. That’s disgusting…is it not?
i hope this piece makes you guys and gals think a little bit. I hope it opens dialogue.

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With all that said, I leave you with the best universal greeting and need for our nation.


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