DFS Provider Spotlight: 1stLadyofDFS

” You can waste your lives drawing lines, or you can live your life crossing them.”

– Shonda Rhimes

 It’s not every day that you come across a female who is making waves in the DFS Community, but that is exactly what @1stLadyofDFS is doing. After watching her and her team put out some top lines night after night I decided to reach out to 1st Lady’s partner Tommy, @Twayne1973 and get the scoop on @rksportspro‘s newest sensation.

Question 1: Who is @1stLadyofDFS?

“She is a Native American girl that I have known since we were 11. She actually works for the govt department of labor and is good with computers so we partnered up so she could build us an excel optimizer and start taking DFS a different direction with a great cash rate.”

Question 2: How did you get started with DFS?

“We both played in same NFL seasonal community league for last 10 years , I have known her for a long time. Have to have a good engine driving the train.”

Question 3: What makes @1stLadyofDFS different from other providers?

We are a group not so much a single provider. Team of strong players coming together and sharing all info we can find that day. The Main difference is the group atmosphere and just for your donation of $10 dollars that goes to writers and players for info they pay for to share. We are a team not so much provider. Subs can attest to that”

Question 4: How is your overall record either one or multiple sports since the beginning of the year?

Since the start of this thing the week before the All-Star game we have had several major runs and provided lines that have won mini GPP’s and regular GPP, top 5 finishes, we don’t keep an exact record because the group we are apart of doesn’t tolerate losing well. You can’t blame them. We have not had many unhappy members but there has been one or 2 that we immediately refund that $10 and told have a nice day. It’s the same core since week 2 or 3 around all Star break. The first 8 of 9 days in a row cashed. It’s been a hell of a run.”

Question 5: Do you have any success stories or big wins playing DFS?

“Yes sir last night was awesome, seriously, and yesterday being a full 100% cash day for NBA cash line and MLB cash line then a big gpp win last night. Great day for first lady team.”

Question 6: How can people get a hold of @1stLadyofDFS on social media?

“Periscope or whatever don’t matter. We can prove she is all woman or DM and say hi she will respond.”

Provider Tip:

“Just be open to team work and encourage and help people make original lines with your content so the content better be good or you won’t last in this cut throat world. It’s dog eat dog and the sharks are always prowling.”

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