Off The Cuff – NFL – Special Edition

LLLLLLLLLLLLadies and gentlemen , boys and girls, children of all ages…
You got the news like I got the news. So this deserved me sitting down, stopping what I was doing and addressing the @FanForecast and @KingZito973 faithful!!!

Beast Mode is back!!

Sweet cream on an ice cream sammich!!
Not only is he back…He’s HOME. Back In the bay where it all began. Back in mutha fuckin Black. Back in the NFL…in a new Raiders Uniform!
Why am I so hyped? Yes, I am a die-hard Cowboys fan, but I … LOVE … FOOTBALL!
I love knowing th fact he will be running behind one of the best lines in the NFL. That, extends careers, gives life, and brings Championships! Needless to say, the Raiders are due.
So…what does this mean for DFS?
it means, you are now in the age of going to the well every week. The Raiders stack might be the chalkiest stacks this season, IF , everybody gives the Raiders their just do. If not…It will be criminally under owned. There is NO WAY you don’t roster at least 2 Raiders every week.
Me Personally, I look forward to stacking My Cowboys and Raiders together.
Who to play you ask? Check me out…

Carr , Lynch, Crab and Cooper
Easily one of the Most potent stacks!
Put that with
Zeke, Dez, Witten, Bailey

Fuck your lineup!!! LMAO

Of course you can mix and match whoever the hell you want…but 2 of the best O-Lines…means you stack those RBs and QBs. Basic Football people.
Having Beast Mode instead of Murray, is such an upgrade! Some may see it as a downgrade, but if you read any of the OFF THE CUFF articles last season, you know the story with Murray. Bad footwork and vision is his downfall to me. They used him more as a decoy then a RB. With Lynch, the attitude and straight up dawg mentality…is so perfect for the Raiders. Youre giving this man a line to run behind…need I remind you,

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I’ll see ya’ll when I see ya’ll

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