Stacks of the Day – 4/24/17

What’s up everyone. With Jacob (@DFSClutchBoy) getting back on board with the Fantasy Forecast site for the MLB season and Ben writing as well, I will no longer be writing my “Preferred Plays” articles. Instead, Jacob will be covering pitchers, Ben will be covering batters and I will be offering my thoughts on what teams to stack on the given slate.

Before I go into today’s stacks of the day, I want to go over how I’ll structure this article. I’m going to highlight a premium stack (usually the most expensive, but the offense with the most potential. Typically in Coors), a secondary stack, and a “bonus stack” that I think may go a bit under-owned.

*IRT = Implied run total

Premium Stack

Washington Nationals – (IRT – 5.7)

Obviously whenever there’s a game at Coors, those two offenses will highlight this stack article. Tonight though, we don’t only have any offense at Coors, we have the Washington Nationals at Coors. As everyone expected, their prices are through the roof, but I will still be doing whatever I can to get myself some exposure in all formats tonight.

They face off with sophomore lefty Tyler Anderson who has only been able to strike out 19.1% of batters thus far on the season and has an alarming 7.32 ERA and a 4.18 SIERA.

With Bryce Harper OUT tonight, we can shift our focus elsewhere in the Nationals’ lineup – primarily around their right-handed batters (although Coors negates any splits anyways). My favorite options for a stack tonight are the 4-5-6 hitters listed below including some of their splits against lefties that I think warrant playing them.

  • Daniel Murphy ($4,200) – 0.381 wOBA, 0.215 ISO, 10.3% K-rate
  • Ryan Zimmerman ($3,900) – 0.339 wOBA, 0.272 ISO, 40.5% HC
  • Jayson Werth ($3,600)* – .432 wOBA, .298 ISO, 46.3% HC

*denotes 2016 splits

All of the Nationals are worthy of a spot in your cash lineup, but when stacking a Coors slate, price is the biggest obstacle. With no premier pitching options on the slate tonight, I view spending down and stacking the middle of the Nats’ order as an extremely viable cash game strategy.

Secondary Stack

Arizona Diamondbacks – (IRT – 5.5)

Yes, Jhoulys Chacin dominated the Diamondbacks last week, but I’ll be going right back to the well again tonight.

Unlike last week, the Diamondbacks will have the advantage of playing in the friendly confines of Chase Field (an extremely hitter-friendly ballpark) tonight in a revenge spot against Chacin. His outing last week against Arizona seems like an outlier in a career full of terrible outings and this year has been no different. He’s currently sporting a 4.70 ERA, 4.49 SIERA and only a 15.5% K-rate.

The Diamondbacks have a ton of batters who absolutely rake from both sides of the plate, but for this stack, I’ll be focusing (primarily) on the Diamondbacks’ left-handed batters in Peralta and Lamb while adding Tomas as a 2-4-5 stack. Below are their splits against right-handed pitching.

  • David Peralta ($3,000) – 0.326 wOBA, 0.172 ISO, 36.2% HC
  • Jake Lamb ($3,900) – 0.382 wOBA, 0.285 ISO, 42.2% HC
  • Yasmany Tomas ($3,400) – 0.320 wOBA, 0.222 ISO, 38.8% HC

While the Nationals are your premium stack of the night, I see no problem at all in pivoting to the Diamondbacks or even mixing and matching some mini-stacks of the two teams.

Bonus Stack

Cincinnati Reds – (IRT – 4.4)

Aside from the Nationals, my favorite stack of the day is the Cincinnati Reds. It seems that no matter how great of a matchup this team has, they seem to go rather under-owned and they’ve been raking as of late.

They match up tonight with Matt Garza of the Milwaukee Brewers, yes, Matt Garza, a player that doesn’t belong in the MLB anymore. Tonight marks his first outing of the 2017 campaign after a forgettable 2016 season in which he posted a 4.51 ERA, 4.60 SIERA, 15.2% K-rate and a 34.9% HC rate.

The current Reds’ roster has seen the ball well against Garza, going 26-90 with a .289 batting average and a .340 OBP. I absolutely love all of the Reds bats tonight, but I have listed my three favorites to stack tonight, building a 1-3-4 stack. While Billy Hamiltons metrics always leave something to be desired, the stolen base upside if he gets on base is through the roof as he’s been running wild as of late.

Their splits against RHP are listed below.

  • Billy Hamilton ($3,100) – 0.303 wOBA, 0.076 ISO (eh), stolen base upside
  • Joey Votto ($4,200) – 0.419 wOBA, 0.252 ISO, 41.6% HC, 17.2% BB%
  • Adam Duvall ($3,100) – 0.330 wOBA, 0.255 ISO, 38.0% HC

*BvP special – Joey Votto has destroyed Garza over his career to the tune of a .353/.421/.529 slash line over 38 career plate appearances.

I also love mixing in Eugenio Suárez, Zach Cozart and Scott Schebler as well, as no Red is out of play in my eyes tonight.

This stack is extremely affordable, so if you have an interest in paying up for Zack Greinke tonight and need an offense in a blow-up spot, Cincinnati seems like your best bet.

Other viable stacks tonight: RAYS vs Ubaldo Jimenez, RANGERS vs Phil Hughes


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