DFS Provider Showcase: JimDeanKing

Question 1: Who is @JimDeanKing

“My name is James Patelis, I’m 30 years old from right outside Boston Mass. I am the head of security at a hospital in the city.”

Question 2: How did you get started with DFS? 

“I’ve been playing daily fantasy for the past 3 years, I had been playing season long NBA/MLB forever but was looking for something with a quick return. “

Question 3: What makes @JimDeanKing different from other providers? 

“I not only provide just a bunch of names to punch in, but I also provide my subs with countless pages of stats, trends, and full run downs on how to play DFS. I provide info on how to spend your bankroll, which contests to play/avoid, etc.”

Question 4: How is your overall record either in one or multiple sports? 

“MLB is my best sport & we are off to a great start so far this year. I have cashed at a 67-70% rate over the last 2 years. “

Question 5: Do you have any success stories or big wins playing DFS? 

“I am not a big multi-entry player so I don’t have any huge wins, however, I have taken down the single, mini rally, and the ace, a total of 6 times in the last year. I play mainly cash games.” 

Question 6: How can people get ahold of you on Social media? 

“People can always feel free to tweet at me or DM @JimDeanKing. I am more than happy to answer any questions regarding my service or DFS in general. “

Provider Tip :

“My biggest piece of advice is to not chase the big money 100k person tournaments in hopes for the big money win. It’s the quickest way to drain your bankroll and find yourself depositing again and again . “

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