DFS Provider Spotlight : HotCornerDFS

This week, I had the unique pleasure to interview a relatively new provider who goes by the twitter handle @HotCornerDFS. After going through the questions, I asked @HotCornerDFS to leave a provider tip and again, it’s one of the best tips any provider can give you!

Question 1: Who is @HotCornerDFS ?

“I am a provider who values my customers their bankroll. I like to think of all of my subs as friends, as I pride myself on those personal connections I have with them!”

Question 2: What makes you different from other providers?

“As I said before, I really think that my connection with my subs really sets me apart from other providers. I care about my customers well being and genuinely want them to profit.”

Question 3: How is your overall record either one or multiple sports since the beginning of the year?

“In NBA we have gone 44-27 so far which is approximately a 62% cash rate. I don’t have my official record from last years MLB but it was around 65-70%”

Question 4: Do you have any success stories or big wins playing DFS ?

“I’m still waiting on that big 5 digit win but we have had a couple of very solid nights this past NBA season”

Question 5: How can people get ahold of you on social media ?

“If you need to get in touch with me, please DM me @HotCornerDFS , I’m also on Instagram @HotCornerDFS.”

Provider Tip :

“My #1 tip is bankroll management. The most someone should be betting daily is 10% of their bankroll, and I highly recommend putting 70-75% of that into cash games as well. It may not be the “sexy” thing to do but Return on Investment is what we all want!”

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