Off The Cuff – NBA Edition 3/25

What up, what’s good, what’s poppin’ DFS/Season longers?

It’s your man Zito, back at it, like a crack addict, ready to help your, “grow a stack habit”. LOL

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With all that being said, let’s break this slate down like only the Off The Cuff Guru can!


Ya’ll know me man, I don’t care for numbers. But, I sat up last night and looked at some that jumped out at me. DvP mainly. I’m not saying chase those numbers, but got damn it, you can exploit the living shit out of them! Sooooooooo who to go at?!?! Here’s my take on a few games!

Cavs vs Wizards

Uncle Drew aka Kyrie Irving is a GO at PG today. Are we all in agreeance that John Wall is suspect on D?

Lock my fellow Jersey boy in!

On the flip though, Tristan Thompson is suspect on D and gives a up a shit load of Fantasy points. BUT, so is Markieff Morris! So, what does that mean?

You can conceivably stack the shit out of this game. Gortat vs Tristan, Love (who couldn’t guard my dead 5th cousin, Joey, also gives up maaaaad fantasy points) vs Morris. 

Knicks vs Spurs

Derrick Rose and Courtney Lee are in a good spot against whoever Pop decides to throw out at PG/SG tonight. It’s so rare to say the Spurs have holes in their D lol. This is completely reverse stackable too. Courtney Lee gives up a ton of fantasy points, as does Melo, should he play. So, Lock in Leonard. Aldridge also gives up a fuck ton on fantasy points. So, lock in the Unicorn himself (at your own risk) Porzingod.

Jazz vs Clippers

George Hill’s D belongs in my niece’s (who’s 6) community league. He couldn’t stick flies to shit! So, do yourself a favor and lock in CP3. The same could be said about Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert AND DeAndre Jordan. So, lock in Reddick, Blake and Either Gobert or Jordan. The choice is yours!

That’s it for me people. Do me a favor and take some shit down!

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