Lineup Logic’s Big ANNOUNCEMENT

Beginning Monday, Lineup Logic will launch our Patreon Page. An awesome resource for our most active listeners, most loyal fans and those looking for an edge in DFS!

This may not make a ton of sense just yet. So, let me lay it out clearly.

But before I go any further, I have to say thank you. I launched this pod, Josh had my back and all the amazing ideas to go with it. We never expected it to go this far. But we knew that regular dudes like us, wanted something in the DFS world that was useful and fun for everyday players, but wasn’t lineup providing. The pod happened and it’s grown amazingly. We’re on pace to outdo FEB by about 12k listens.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 3.23.01 PM
The Show started in Jan 17, each month we’ve added thousands of listeners. It’s not me. It’s you guys.

This would have never happened without Josh, Ben and Joe, the crew at FanForecast. Ryan and Scott. BUT, MOSTLY, listeners who appreciate the work. You guys make me this all worth it. Thank YOU.

So what’s next, well, here’s a summary video….(Buy a razor, you bum.)

We aren’t leaving FanForecast, or Twitter, nor will we change any content at all, just trying to reach more people.

We had a few goals when launching the show, and have added a few more:

  • OBJ: Help people get better at DFS
  • OBJ: Create a community for “Regular Guy DFS” where normal players help other normal players get a leg up
  • OBJ: Work hard, grow and see where this thing takes us….

Needless to say, we feel like we are getting there! IN order to grow the community, we are going to start a community on Patreon.

What’s Patreon?

It’s a community for creatives. It allows fans of authors, illustrators, podcasters etc. to pledge support to independent creators who work for themselves. It’s like Kickstarter, sort of, but in exchange for donations, you get rewards.

So, how does it work for Lineup Logic?

Well, we are offering more than just the pod. Head over to the LineupLogic Patreon Page, here. 

We will be offering things like access to the CheatSheet, DFS Coaching and are working on an exclusive pre-slate chat feature for patrons.

We want to build a tight knit community of #RegularGuyDFS players who are wiling to help each other talk about ideas, build lines and cash regularly. We aren’t playing thousands of bucks every night, but that doesn’t mean the LineupLogic Listeners shouldn’t be owning each slate, every night.

Sounds cool. How much?

The donations are pretty small. We aren’t asking much. Of course, the idea is to help people get better and keep winning. Anywhere from $5 bucks to $25 bucks, once a month.

Check it out here.

What’s the money for?


Kidding. We are trying to grow. That means, buying server space, a domain, building a real website, expanding to other sports, podcast platforms and, of course, advertising.
To be clear, however, I will work for beer.

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