DFS Provider Spotlight: DFS_Dynasty

Welcome to our 2nd DFS Provider Spotlight here on Forwardmile. While walking around the Comcast Center in College Park, Maryland for the DFS Provider Convention, I had the great privilege of running into Jesse of twitter handle @DFS_Dynasty and sat down him to ask a few questions and talk sports.

Question 1: Who is DFS_Dynasty

“I’m Jesse from small town Minnesota. Started playing DFS about 2.5 years ago. I got into it from a friend begging to let him refer me.”

Question 2: How did you get started with DFS?

“I started DFSDynasty after working with another provider whose name I’ll leave out, but he taught me a TON about the business and I still consult him occasionally.”

Question 3: What makes DFS_Dynasty different from other providers?

“Hmm that’s a great question. It’s hard to be different when there seems to be providers everywhere you look, But I feel our consistent PGA, NHL, and some E-Sports puts us in a niche more then others. I try to be available 24/7 for anyone who has any questions, and actually encourage people who are new to ask as much as they need too. I feel learning how to play is very important and is half the battle of a subscriber becoming profitable.”

Question 4: How is your overall record either one or multiple sports since the beginning of the year?

“Ok, so I’m currently 112-59 since adding Nhl at the beginning of January. and have a 18-4 PGA record since I started the site around October. Haven’t kept a good enough record on NBA but plan on doing so at the end of the season. I also starting a pinned thread on twitter so we could track every night something’s cashing.”

Question 5: Do you have any success stories or big wins playing DFS ?

“Nothing concrete for me, but I taught a close friend how to play FanDuel MLB and he was just crazy reckless in betting. Bankroll management didn’t exist to him he’d make gpps based on the strangest things. He ended up taking home 22.5k one night! I have taken down gpps in later slates mass entering quarters but I’m still waiting for that 5 digit win. It is cool turning a quarter into $100-$200 though.”

Question 6: How can people get ahold of you on social media?

“Our DM is always open through: https://Twitter.com/DFS_Dynasty or tweet @DFS_Dynasty and we usually have a quick response time.”

Provider Tip from DFS_Dynasty:

“Become a legitimate business if you’re going to be providing lineups. Its super easy to do with sites like legal zoom. You can’t set up a company through Twitter. Don’t go into people’s DMs with automated messages or even any messages. Let the customers come to you and be as positive as you can as well as understanding, we believe heavily in karma, and are always trying to pass good vibes.” 

EXTRA: DFS_Dynasty has entered the 2016-2017 #DFSProviderShowcase , watch for him in the tournament when that gets started within the next week or so. 

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