DFS Provider Spotlight: TheDFSLineup

Today, 3/7/17, marks a historic day for ForwardMile.com as it’s the first day of our DFS Provider Spotlight. Every Tuesday, I will have the pleasure of asking a few questions to a different DFS Provider and dig into what makes them different from other providers.  This morning, I sat down with DFS Lineups twitter handle @thedfslineup to ask a few questions and really get a grasp on who this young entrepreneur really is.

Question 1: Who is thedfslineup?

“I’m just a small time DFS player that loves to research and play daily. My specialty is NBA. I love the sport by itself and while I have a love/hate relationship with NBA DFS I can’t stop doing what I love, and that’s researching! I Started this with the goal of being the most transparent that I can be while helping others and myself make some money.”

Question 2: what makes “thedfslineup” different from other providers? 

“I don’t consider myself a provider since I’m doing it for free. But I think it has to be my transparency. I haven’t seen any other providers throw their record publicly each night for people to judge or decide whether they should or shouldn’t play their lines. For me it’s all about being honest.”

Question 3: On the topic of records, since the beginning of the year, what is your current record regarding DFS?

“This season my record for NBA is posted in my page daily, currently cashing 50/50’s at a 60% rate (67-44), Double Ups at a 55% rate (61-50) and GPP’s at a 46% rate (51-60). My goal is to take that 60% to where it was at 65%. For NHL the sample size is too small so I’m not counting that 61% cash rate yet.”

Question 4: Do you have any DFS success stories and if so, GPP or Cash? 

“The way I have learned how to play the game and have an upper-hand for me is a success. I haven’t won big like others have or claim they did, the closest I came to win big was a 3rd place in a small GPP, won $100 there and that was it. After that, I have won leagues and won less than $100 a couple of times, but never came close to winning thousands.”

Question 5: How did you start playing DFS? 

“I started playing 2 years ago. A complete newbie, didn’t know anything. Just ventured myself to that world. It was ugly, played only GPP’s and rarely won. Was a losing player for more than a year and can tell you for a fact that I lost money. But no one starts knowing everything, you have to fall to learn and that’s what I did, now I’m all about playing smart and winning money instead of losing.”

Question 6: How can the readers get ahold of you through social media? 

“Anytime, anywhere, just send me a DM or a mention, ask me anything except (which plays I like), be active, send GIF’s (ala camiolo) I’m active most of the time, so it won’t be that hard.”

DFS Provider Tip to the DFS Player: 

“Beware of scammers in Twitter. That’s one of the main reasons why I started this page. While starting, I paid someone for a weekly sub and NEVER WON, lineups were trash. Never paid for lineups again.

Scammers are everywhere, I have seen “providers” that charge ridiculous amounts of money for lines that win 25% or 40% of the time. They win 1 night and go crazy raving about it in their page, then, the next 4 nights they are quiet. Also, they promise you’ll win big! The amount of people winning big consistently while playing small quantities of money/lineups is very slim. In fact, if I had the ability to “win big” most of the time I wouldn’t be charging for my services, since that will reduce my winnings when 5 or more persons have my same lineup in a GPP.

If you can’t do your own research before paying a stranger for lineups follow him nightly, see if he posts his lineups before and after lock. Anyone can say “I won tonight,” and post a fake screenshot of winnings. Ask for his record, if you are already with a provider track his record, you should be winning more than you lose.”

@thedfslineup chose to remain anonymous and be addressed as his twitter handle.
Look for next week’s article in our weekly DFS Provider Spotlight!

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