Off The Cuff – NBA Edition 2/23

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…Fantasy Forecast, proudly brings to you. It’s NFL Hot Take, CHAMPION OF WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!!!!!!!

What Joe? … NFL is over? … What Ben? … It’s NBA season? … Well …Shit. That changes things. I mean…what am I supposed to do now? I’M GOING TO DO WTF I DO BAY BAY!!!

Let’s get into it.

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All Star Break proved to be one of the most dry and lame breaks in recent history. They realllly need to get their shit together, and get these stars heads out of their asses and get involved. The best breaks are still the ones from the late 80’s , the 90’s and early 2000’s. But good God, did the Kings/Pelicans shake shit up?!?!?!? Love the potential of Boogie/AD together. Kind of reminds me of the days of the twin towers, Duncan/Robinson. Definitely feeling that, Magic Johnson being the President of Basketball Operations of the Lakers is a huuuuuuge PLUS.  With that said…Here are some games your guy Zito is focusing on!

Pelicans vs Rockets

Give me all the Jrue Holiday. Rockets absolutely suck against the PG position. Yes Beverley is a good defender, but Jrue is a dawg. Period. I like the match up and predict some skates being put on Beverley. #DFH … DON’T FADE HARDEN … is self explanatory also.

Nuggets vs Kings

No more Boogie..Give me allllllll the Jokic!! All of it, I’m talking all the way down to the  crumbs from his Big Mac he’s going to eat before the game. You could also go WCS for value, true. Could be an interesting stack.

Hornets vs Pistons

Give me allllllllll the Batum & Kidd-Gilchrist. Detroit is a flaming fucking dumpster against each the 2 and the 3 positions, so why not exploit the living hell out of those match ups?!?! GET SOME.


I feel like you should case the match ups for Thursday, not the points. GSW is on the ticket as well as my abysmal Knicks who face the Cavs. Cavs should blow the Knicks into the 7th circle of hell, so look for my guy Korver to be a hot ticket! You could also plug-in Redick/Crawford, seeing as GSW struggles against the 2.

That’s it for me folks. I appreciate you guys taking the time out and rock with us!

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