Value Plays for Thursday 2/9/17

Tonight is a juicy 5 game slate that has 4 out of 5 games with a spread of under 6. The 5th game  is the Cavs and OKC which LeBron, Kyrie and Love reportedly sitting, which favors OKC heavily. This slate has a lot of value but, it’ll be important to play the right pieces in order to be successful.

1.Damian Lillard $8,500- Dame will officially be the highest priced value play I have written about but, trust me he’s going to be worth it. First, this game is going to be a dog fight. IT4 is on another level but, his price is $10,500 and for $2,000 less you can get basically the same player. They both score very well and don’t play great defense. I like Dame tonight because in order for him to hit 5x value he needs 42.5 FD points which I’m confident will happen. His last 2 games he’s hit 46 and 46.9 FD points. His minutes will be there considering he plays above 30 just about every night. Also, I believe his ownership will be down considering everyone is high on IT4. Dame is a must have in my book.

2. Evan Fournier $5,400 – Anyone remember when Fournier was priced around $7,000? This was before his injury but, he’s starting to hit his grove again and with Aaron Gordon out tonight makes for a perfect situation. He’s played 30 minutes or more in his last 4 games. In 2/3 of those games he’s hit 28 or more FD points. At this price he only needs 27 FD points to hit value and he’ll get an usage bump with Gordon out. Also, I expect him to be lower owned considering the other SG options.

3. Maurice Harkless $3,800 – Harkless will be back in the starting lineup because of the Evan Turner injury. In order to hit 5x value he needs 19 FD points and considering he will be playing high twenty minutes he will be a great value play tonight.

4. Jordon McRae $3,500 – Like I mentioned in the beginning of the article The “big three” for the Cavs are likely to sit. This opens up a lot of minutes for McRae, he’s a creative scorer and I expect him to hit value tonight. At $3,500 he only needs 17.5 FD points to hit 5x value.

5. Jeff Green $3,500 – He’s in a solid spot tonight with the Gordon injury. At min price and possibly starting against the Magic he only needs 17.5 FD points to hit value. Green will be low owned and has a shot to crush value.

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