DK NBA DFS – Review of 01/17/17 Plays

If you read yesterday’s “First Glance” article, you might have done pretty well. Today was a pretty crazy slate, primarily with Kyle Lowry being a scratch about 15 minutes before lock. This led to even more value opening up, which I’ll get to in a bit. I would like to review my “Positional Plays” from the night before, just to see how we did. I’m going to give insight on where I went wrong and where I went right. I’m also going to show you guys my main cash lineup I used, just so you can see how I did my lineup construction. So, why don’t we get started!

Review From 01/17/17

Kyle Lowry (N/A DK POINTS) – As you know, it was announced that Lowry was resting about 15 minutes before lock time. This opened up Cory Joseph as a fantastic value play at only $3400. I hope you were able to get him in your lineups, because he blew up.

DeAngelo Russell (14 DK POINTS) – I loved DeAngelo Russell last night when I was writing my First Glance article last night. I thought Jordan Clarkson would be out, which would have opened him up for more success. After I found out Clarkson was in (and CoJo was going to play a lot) I got off of Russell. I liked the SG position much more than the PG position, so I only needed 1 PG.

Jameer Nelson (9.75 DK POINTS) – Again, I loved Jameer Nelson last night, but everything was changed when Lowry was scratched. The smart thing to do was find the $300 extra in order to get CoJo. Unfortunately I couldn’t find $300, so I ended up sticking with him. I’ll go over this a little later.

James Harden (77.50 DK Points) – James Harden did what James Harden does. He absolutely owned the Heat, even though they lost. I ended up not playing him, but it didn’t end up killing me.

DeMar DeRozan (60.75 DK POINTS) – I loved DeRozan last night, but when Lowry was announced out, DeRozan was locked everywhere. His usage rate skied high and the game stayed close all the way throughout. Because of this, DeRozan absolutely crushed value with 60+ DK Points.

Dion Waiters (29.25 DK POINTS)  With Richardson already being ruled out last night, I loved Waiters in this game vs the Rockets defense. With almost 30 DK points, Waiters hit basically 6x value, which we’ll take any day of the week. As long as Richardson/Winslow are sidelined, look for Waiters to get more run and more shots.

Lou Williams (42.50 DK POINTS) – I must admit, this is where I missed a good chance to hit big. I was really only on Lou Will if Clarkson was out. Obviously, he wasn’t, so I got off of him. He ended up having a huge night and almost hit close to 10x value. Lou is a guy that can go off on any given night, so hopefully you guys didn’t get scared off of him.

Jimmy Butler (55.25 DK POINTS) – Jimmy Buckets was one of my favorite plays on the slate. Like I mentioned in my article, he is a guy I love to play in cash games because of all the things he does well. He finished the game 1 rebound away from a triple double. With Rondo losing his starting job, you will see Jimmy handling the ball a lot more, creating more opportunity for fantasy points. He is a plus rebounder, a plus scorer, and a great defender. His overall game leads him to have an extremely high floor every night.

Wilson Chandler (30 DK POINTS) – I LOVED the Nuggets on Tuesday, as I mentioned plenty in my article. The Lakers are a team we want to target every night, as they play very upbeat and are a horrendous defensive team. With Gary Harris out, it opened up opportunities for Chandler. With 30 DK points, he didn’t have a great night, but he also didn’t kill you.

DeMarre Carroll (19.75 DK POINTS) – This is the play that really bothered me on Tuesday night. After hearing Lowry was resting, I thought Carroll was bound to have a terrific game. He even started the game very nicely, with 11 DK points in the first quarter. He obviously spun out and fell short of value. He didn’t throw up a dud though, so hopefully if you used him, you got around his snowflake.

James Johnson (38 DK POINTS) – As I mentioned in my article, JJ was one of my favorite plays on the slate. With Winslow and McRob out, the Heat don’t have too many bodies down there. JJ is a very talented player, who can do a lot of things on the basketball floor. He was locked into my lineups and it panned out pretty well, exceeding over 6x value.

Dirk Nowitzki (29 DK POINTS) – Dirk was my only other PF I mentioned, but I also talked about how much more I liked JJ than him. They were the same price, so I went JJ, but Dirk still had a pretty solid game. Dirk will always have a nice floor, but limited upside.

Nikola Jokic (56.25 DK POINTS) – I mean, what else is there more to say about this dude. He keeps putting up MASSIVE numbers. His price tag has risen, but watch out for it to just keep going up. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite players to roster in DFS. In my First Glance article, I mentioned how he was locked into my favorite play on the board. Hopefully you guys locked him in too.

Hassan Whiteside (37.75 DK POINTS) – I was on Jokic 10000x more than Whiteside, but I did think Whiteside would have a good game still. 37.75 DK Points isn’t what you’re looking for from him, but he still didn’t have a bad game. This isn’t a score that would kill you.

Lucas Nogueira (6 DK POINTS) – I was really on Nogueira all night and all day, but ended up not needing that much value, so I ended up getting off of him. He was a pretty popular play that didn’t pan out because of an injury. I feel like he would have easily exceeded 5x value if he didn’t get injured. The JOYS of NBA DFS.


My Lineup

PG – Jameer Nelson – 9.75 DKP

SG – Jimmy Butler – 55.25 DKP

SF – DeMarre Carroll – 19.75 DKP

PF – James Johnson – 38 DKP

C – Nikola Jokic – 56.25 DKP

G – DeMar DeRozan – 60.75 DKP

F – Kenneth Faried – 33.25 DKP

UTIL – Dion Waiters – 29.25 DKP

TOTAL – 302.25 DKP


So, as you can see, I mostly played guys from my First Glance article. I was locking in Jimmy Butler, James Johnson, Nikola Jokic, and Dion Waiters no matter what. Then when the Lowry news broke, I wanted all the DeRozan and Carroll I could get. This led me to not have a ton of money left over, so I went Jameer and Faried to close it out. I ended up sticking with Jameer because I really thought he was in a good spot. He ended up only playing 20 minutes and shooting only 2 shots. I lived another day though as i scored 302.25 DKP and cashed in my double ups and in GPPs.

I ended up deciding to fade Harden when the Lowry news broke. With that news breaking, I KNEW I needed DeRozan in my lineup. I already had Jimmy and Jokic locked in, so adding DeRozan to that made me not able to have Harden at all. I thought I was dead meat after he put up that 70 burger, but my guys pulled it out.

Overall, I hope you all are happy with how your lineups turned out. I am going to try to have a First Glance article up every morning or afternoon, so you guys will be able to get started on your research early. If you guys have any questions on my lineup construction, certain plays you like, or anything regarding DFS, shoot them to me on twitter (@breeden_bryce) or you can shoot them to the Fantasy Forecast twitter page (@FanForecast). Thank you all for reading and happy grinding!!

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