DK NBA DFS – 01/18/17 First Glance

What a slate we have tonight. Westbrook, Harden, AD, Cousins, Durant, Giannis, Curry, and a bunch of others are on the slate tonight and honestly all are in a pretty solid spot! Tonight’s 9-game slate will separate the boys from the men. Hopefully this First Glance article will help you guys decipher which plays you like the best! I can already tell you tonight will come down to how you construct your rosters using the MPE. Let’s get started!

Games That Stand Out


Westbrook vs. Durant should be a whole lot of fun tonight. Both men will most likely be on a mission to one up the other. This game has the highest over/under on the night at 230. If this game stays close, there will be a lot of high scores from this one.


Any game Houston is playing in will always be a good game for DFS purposes. Harden is an absolute magician on the offensive end, so they’ll always score a lot of points. Defensively though, the Rockets are not very good. There will be a lot of good plays out of this game, which has the second highest O/U at 226 and should stay relatively close.


Best of both worlds! I love attacking POR because of their bad defense and I love targeting CHA at home. The likes of Kemba, Batum, and Zeller should all be very solid plays and with Lillard and McCollum on the other end, POR could put up big points.


This game has an above average O/U at 214.5 and is only at a 1.5 spread. I love targeting games that will most likely stay close and could even go into overtime.


As I’m writing this, Embiid is questionable. If he’s indeed out, I don’t see how this game stays close. If it does somehow stay close though, there could be a ton of great plays here.

Positional Plays

Point Guard

Russell Westbrook – $12100 – @GS

Prepare to see a man on a mission tonight. You know he’s going to come out firing on all cylinders as he wants to show KD that he made a mistake leaving him. He is obviously expensive, so it’ll be tough to fit him in the lineup. He has a great matchup vs Curry, but with the blowout potential here, I don’t think he’s a MUST. He also isn’t my favorite start tonight.

Kyle Lowry – $8500 – @PHI

Lowry sat out last night, so he’ll definitely be rested to play tonight. He gets an amazing matchup against the 76ers horrendous defense, but there is definitely some blowout potential here. The 76ers have been playing much better ball lately, so if this game stays close, I could see Lowry smashing value. Also, as I was finishing up this article I saw DeRozan might sit tonight. If he sits, lock and load Lowry!

Kemba Walker – $7700 – vs POR

I love Kemba any time he plays at home, but tonight he gets a matchup vs POR AND at home. Lillard and McCollum are allergic to defense, so I expect Kemba to easily reach value. He’s most likely going to make my lineup tonight.

Mike Conley – $7500 – @ WAS

Conley has been playing very well as of late and I like him again tonight. John Wall is a pretty solid defender, but MEM is getting a bump in pace which will mean more opportunities for DK points for Conley. I like Walker a little more for only $200 more, but I could definitely see you using the Grizzlies PG.

Elfrid Payton – $6200 – @NO

Elfrid Payton seems to be a pretty big boom or bust player. He gets a very good matchup tonight and also a usage rate bump with Evan Fournier out. The Pels are not a very good defensive team and are horrendous against opposing teams point guards. If you think Payton will keep his little hot streak going tonight, then by all means fire him up.

Shooting Guard

James Harden – $11700 – vs MIL

I am writing about Harden because I wouldn’t blame you at all for playing him. He’s on a back to back and not my favorite star, but he could easily crush any night he touches the floor. I can already tell you I probably won’t be playing him tonight. I’ll get to why in a little later.

Nicolas Batum – $7400 – vs POR

Like I talked about with Jimmy Butler yesterday, I love rostering guys that stuff the stat sheet in cash games. That’s exactly what Nicolas Batum does. He can score, handle, rebound, and play defense. He also plays much better at home, averaging 3 DK points more at home compared to when he’s on the road. As we know, McCollum isn’t exactly a great defender, so I think Batum will easily reach value.

Victor Oladipo – $5500 – @GS

If this game stays close, I could see Oladipo smashing value. This game is at a 230 over/under, so you want some exposure to it. Even if it’s a blowout, at $5500, Oladipo doesn’t need much to hit value. Klay’s defense doesn’t scare me at all and he might not even be playing tonight. He’s a good value play tonight, which you’ll need in order to get some of these studs in there.

Kent Bazemore – $4400 – @DET

Bazemore has been playing very well of late. Ever since Korver was traded, him and Tim Hardaway have been opened up a bit more. KCP is out for the Pistons, which would bump The Baze up even more. He’s another value play I don’t mind tonight.

Terrance Ross – $3600 – @PHI

Keep an eye on DeRozan tonight. Casey hinted that DeRozan might be resting tonight, which would open up more minutes for Ross. As we know, the 76ers aren’t a great defensive team, so if DeRozan is out, Ross will easily have a chance to crush value.

Small Forward

Giannis Antetokounmpo – $10400 – @HOU

There’s A TON to love about the Greek Freak tonight. HOU obviously isn’t a great defensive team as they’re always in high scoring games. This is a massive pace up game for the Bucks, giving Giannis more opportunities to score DK points. The Greek Freak is someone I love in upbeat games, not only because he gets more opportunities at scoring points and getting assists, but there’s more steal opportunities too. The Greek Freak is easily my favorite star tonight as I’ll be locking and loading with him.

Kevin Durant – $9900 – vs OKC

Kevin Durant will also be on a mission tonight. His mission will be to destroy his former team and his “brother” Russell Westbrook. He’s an unbelievable basketball player who has a super high floor and ceiling. Also, Klay Thompson is questionable tonight, which would open up KD even more. The only problem with KD tonight is the blowout potential. He showed against the Cavs that he can hit value in limited time though. I still like Giannis a little more, but KD is probably my 2nd favorite star on this slate.

Rudy Gay – $7000 – vs IND

Rudy Gay has been playing fantastic ball the last couple of games. Casspi is still going to be sidelined for another few weeks, so that will just open up more opportunities for Gay. It’s also a pace up game for the Kings, which will open up EVEN MORE opportunities for Gay. I really like this game to be very competitive throughout so I really think you need guys from this game. Gay is a good place to start.

Trevor Ariza – $5500 – vs MIL

Ariza is another guy I like to roster in cash. He has a pretty solid floor tonight as the minutes will be there. I am worried because it’s a back to back, but coming off a loss, I see the Rockets wanting to come out strong here. Ryan Anderson is questionable tonight and if he’s out, Ariza gets bumped even more.

Aaron Gordon – $5400 – @NO

With Fournier still out, Aaron Gordon gets the bump here. He’s still priced nicely and has a plus matchup against the Pels. People might be scared off of him because of the bad game he had last game, but the minutes and usage rate is still there.

Power Forward

Draymond Green – $7900 – vs OKC

Draymond Green had a fantastic game against the Cavs. He’s the type of guy that usually will get up against the other stud teams. He’s a matchup nightmare and I love him even more tonight. As I’ve mentioned a bunch of times, I love to roster stat-sheet stuffers, which is who Draymond is. His super high floor is intriguing, but he always has that talent to absolutely destroy value. I worry a little about the blowout potential, but I still love him tonight.

Jabari Parker – $7100 – @HOU

Like I’ve mentioned, I love this game tonight. I always love to target guys playing the Rockets. They simply do not have anyone that will be able to guard Jabari. His price is up there, but he has been super consistent lately. I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit him in my roster (because I love Giannis and KD so much tonight), but Jabari is still a fantastic play.

Kyle O’Quinn – $4100 – @BOS

Porzingis is already ruled out tonight and Noah is questionable for the Knicks. If Noah is indeed ruled out, O’Quinn becomes one of my favorite value plays on the slate. He can really score and rebound the ball, so even if he gets 20-25 minutes, he can EASILY reach value.

Anthony Tolliver – $4100 – vs IND

This might be surprising to people, but Tolliver has reached or been close to reaching 5x value in 4 straight games. He’s has gotten 30+ minutes in those 4 straight games and I see it happening again tonight. It’s a pace up game for the Kings and we love to target the IND bigs for DFS purposes. I could definitely see Tolliver hit value tonight. He’ll give you some extra money to spend up on these studs.

Pascal Siakim – $3000 – @PHI

Lucas Noguiera is listed as OUT and Patrick Patterson is a GTD. If Patterson is indeed out, Siakim becomes a terrific value play. At minimum price, he doesn’t need a lot to hit value. If he does indeed play 30+ minutes, then not only does he have a solid floor, but he could crush his value at that price. Keep an eye on this situation.


DeMarcus Cousins – $10600 – vs IND

As I said for Tolliver, we love to target the IND bigs for DFS purposes. Boogie is a fantastic play today, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough money to fit him in my roster. If you decide you want him, I won’t blame you, but I think I’ll be paying down at Center tonight. Cousins is my 3rd favorite star tonight, behind Giannis and KD.

Nikola Vucevic – $6600 – @NO

Vucevic is a very, very good offensive center. He’s crafty around the rim and can also step out and hit the midrange jumper. The Pels, as we know, are not a very good defensive team at all. He’s priced very nicely and has a plus matchup. I’m most likely going to stay away in cash games (because of the next guy I mention), but Vuc is a very good play.

Cody Zeller – $5200 – vs POR

I’ll be shocked if Zeller isn’t the highest owned Center on tonight’s slate. There is just too much to love tonight for him to not be in your lineups. He’s priced very nicely, which will allow you to get the studs you need tonight. He’s playing Portland, who is one of the worst defensive teams against the Center position in the league. He’s playing AT HOME, where we know mostly every Hornet plays better at home. This game will be a very competitive game and I can definitely see Zeller crushing value.

Kelly Olynk – $4500 – vs NYK

Olynk has been playing very good ball of late. He’s getting the bulk of the second unit work and making the most of it. As we know, NYK is not a very good defensive team, especially against the center position. In the chance of a blowout, Olynk will still get run, so you won’t have to worry about that. I like Zeller much better, but if you want to use Olynk in the PF or UTIL spot tonight, I’m 100% fine with that.


That’s going to wrap up today’s First Glance article. Hopefully this will help you guys out in your research process. If you have any questions regarding lineup construction, certain plays you like, or just any DFS related questions, shoot them to me on twitter (@breeden_bryce) or to the Fantasy Forecast twitter page (@FanForecast). Good luck today and happy grinding!!

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