Value Plays for Sunday 1-08-17

Key for how much I like the play

Point Guard
Ty Lawson (Kings, $4,400)-
Lawson has been starting for the Kings at point guard and he has a good chance for some value in an up tempo game. Last game Lawson played 36 minutes and had 30.8 FD points. Also, it’s important to note Steph Curry should be his primary defender which makes his match-up even more appealing. If this game is even remotely close Lawson should hit value with ease. Lawson is a HOT play for me tonight because he allows salary relief.

Shooting Guard
Brandon Knight (Suns, $4,400)-
Knight just returned from injury  and played 26 minutes . He also hit 6x value which means has the potential to do the same tonight against the Cavs. Mid 20s for minutes should allow Knight to be close to value tonight and allow for you to save some salary for the stars tonight. This is a MEDIUM play only because of blowout potential.

Iman Shumpert (Cavs,$3,600)- Shumpert and the Cavs will be playing the lowly Sun’s tonight. The Sun’s don’t play much defense and are an up tempo team. Although Shumpert most likely won’t get a lot of minutes he can hit value pretty easy at $3,600.This play is MILD because of the chance of a blowout.

Small Forward
Aaron Gordon(Magic,$4,800)- Gordon is in another great spot tonight against the Lakers. The Lakers are awful on defense and Gordon’s ceiling is so much higher than his price tag. He’s gone over 28 FD points in his last 3 games and I don’t see that stopping tonight. Gordon is a HOT play tonight.

Marcus Morris(Pistons,$4,600)- Marcus Morris is more of the underrated twin. He’s also a very streaky player but, the reason I might take a shot on him tonight is his last game he scored 38.5 FD points. I believe he will continue on his hot streak tonight against the Blazers and for $4,600 he could be some great salary relief. As the start Small Forward Morris also gets around 30 minutes per game. Allowing him plenty of time to hit value. Morris is a MEDIUM play for me tonight.

Power Forward
Derrick Favors (Jazz,$4,300)- Favors has a tough match-up with the Grizz which includes Randolph and Green. But, things are looking up he had his best game since returning from injury last night breaking out for 33.7 FD points. He might be limited because he played 34 minutes and it’ll be a back to back game but, a price tag of $4,300 will be manageable to hit value. This is a MEDIUM play tonight.

Boban Marjanovic (Pistons,$3,900)-
Boban is a huge man and if you’ve never seen him play honestly I think you should check him out. It’s unbelievable that someone his size is able to do what he does. If Aaron Baynes is ruled out again look for Boban to pick up some solid minutes and crush his value like last game. In 22 minutes of play he recorded 15 pts and 19 rebounds which is 36.8 FD points. This play is HOT as long as Baynes is out.

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