Off The Cuff – Week 16

What’s good, What’s poppin’, What the hell is up season long/DFSers? Needless to say, week 15 was insanity in its purest form. It’s do or die time in the NFL. This week will decide who balls vs who becomes the latest couch potato. Per usual, if you have not subscribed to FANTASY FORECAST yet, something might be wrong with you…seriously. Put the Miller High Life down and sub now for great content, from cheat sheets to lineup advice and back again. Go …do it…seriously. Don’t worry, I’ll wait……..Ok, I’m done waiting.

Let’s get to it shall we!

This weeks OBVIOUS PLAYS are are follows!

Eli/OBJ/Shepard vs Lions D  and  Stafford/Tate/Boldin/Jones vs Giants D

Let’s be real folks, this has the makings of a complete shootout. With Jenkins still being a question mark for that Giants secondary, I don’t see them stopping the long ball. On the flip, the Lions secondary doesn’t have the jets to catch OBJ and Shepard. If you play that THU-MON slate, I’d honestly fade this game. LOT of knuckleheads will want exposure to this game. BUUUUUUUUUUUT if you can’t resist … like the good little rebel I know you are…LOL…I’d stack STAFFORD/TATE/SHEPARD or ELI/OBJ/BOLDIN in a GPP… Or you can mix it and match it, whatever tickles your fancy.

Rivers/Williams/Gates vs Browns D

Time for the gunslinger to do what he does best. With nothing to lose, it’s time get ridiculous. Nobody on the Browns side can cover the TE position. Gates is 2 TD’s away from that record, why not pick on this Cleveland D to get it done. I’m thinking red zone specials. Not crazy yards. Easy 15 FDP from Gates.

Ryan/Jones/Gabriel vs Panther’s D  and  Newton/Ginn/Olsen

Julio will be ready bay bay! I really like this spot for him. Gabriel gets the nod over Sanu, simply because Ryan and Gabriel have been clicking lately. On the fliiiiip, Cam is in a prime spot to thrash this God awful secondary. Ginn has the wheels , Olsen will get the red zone love. For whatever reason, I think Cam will struggle in the first quarter, but will bounce back in the 2nd.

The Plug

New section of the article, where I give you a bit of info I’ve gotten from watching and studying…Fuck you numbers! NEVER FADE ZEKE. Seriously, I see people roster iffy backs all the time. There is enough mid level talent to secure you big numbers, so you should be able to fit Zeke in your line.Allen Robinson is a full on GO. I’m telling you, just do it and thank me later. IDC  wtf you say about Bortles…He’s gonna be on 1 this week! DO NOT FALL FOR THE GURLEY TRAP. Rams vs 9ers…We know the 9ers are horrible against the run…buuuuut, the Rams STILL DON’T HAVE  an O-Line! Avoid at all costs! Ya Heard me?

Defense picks


That does it for me my people. I appreciate you taking time out to read thisst week. As always, if you need anything, holla at me on twitter, @KingZito973 with the hashtag #FanForecastOTC !


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