Off The Cuff – Week 15

What’s good, What’s poppin’, What the hell is up season long/DFSers? Needless to say, week 14 was insanity in its purest form.If you’re a Giants fan, and reading this…Good game. You got us twice, job well …well…well…well guess who’s still in 1st place in the division biiiiiiiiitch!!! LMAO. I am sick of all ya’ll Giant’s fans talking man, job well done, but it’s over! We’re onto the next week bay bay! Ready to beat Tampa, take the Division and that 1st round bye when Detroit beats ya’ll!  But I digress…Per usual, if you have not subscribed to FANTASY FORECAST yet, something might be wrong with you…seriously. Put the PBR down and sub now for great content, from cheat sheets to lineup advice and back again. Go …do it…seriously. Don’t worry, I’ll wait……..Ok, I’m done waiting.

Let’s get to it shall we!

This weeks OBVIOUS PLAYS are are follows!

Dalton/LaFell/Hill/Boyd vs Steelers D or Big Ben/AB/Bell vs Bengals D

Clearly that Steelers secondary is swiss cheese and my great grand momma with glaucoma in both eyes could pass against them, and on the flip this is Big Ben and AB…Sells itself. LB sells himself as well. He literally killed everybody’s line who didn’t have the brains to roster him last week. So, do yourself a solid…ROSTER BELL…bare minimum.

Rivers/Williams/Henry vs Raider D  or  Carr/Cooper/Crabtree vs Chargers D

Do I even need to break this down? Both secondary’s are dipped in shit and rolled in bread crumbs. They get FRIED on a regular! … See what I did there? LOL. MOVING ON … this will be a good old-fashioned shootout. Get your proper exposure.

Rodgers/Nelson/Adams vs Bears D or Barkley/Jefferey/Meredith

The pack is rolling … this shit writes itself. For all my GPP players though. Mr. Jefferey is back in town, and Barkley is not that horrible, going against a suspect pass D. I can smell the low ownership from here!


Stafford/Tate/Boldin/Ebron  or  Manning/Beckham Jr./Shepard

Yea…I’m going there!!! LOL . Listen man, Stafford can fire that fucking pig skin with the best of them. I don’t buy into they hype of the Giant’s secondary. Against us, the cowboys, they played lights out. No doubt about it. I promise you, that doesn’t happen against the Lions. Get proper exposure! Lot of slants that can go for biiiig yards in this game.

Defense Spotlight

Bills, Cowboys, Vikings and Lions

That does it for me my people. I appreciate you taking time out to read this. I cashed well last week. As always, if you need anything, holla at me on twitter, @KingZito973 with the hashtag #FanForecastOTC !


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