Off The Cuff – Week 13

What Up DFS/Season Longers?!?!?!?

It’s that time yet again! Time to break down this weeks NFL slate like only I can! Week 12 was insane…I hope you all payed close attention to the articles being pumped out of the Fantasy Forecast Factory! Per usual, if you have not followed and linked up with Fantasy Forecast (across all of your favorite social media outlets) DO SO NOW.

Without further or do….Let’s talk some damn football!

Week 13 is allllllways a pressure cooker. The playoff picture is taking shape, teams getting mathematically eliminated which sets up the draft for next year and of course…THAT  SUPER BOWL PICTURE BECOMES A TAD CLEARER.

Who’s going to take it all? No one knows. Could be the top team…Could be a sleeper. Could be a top team who is billed as a sleeper…hehehe! LOL. Either way, shit is getting real!

Obvious Plays

Drew Brees vs Lions D – This needs no explanation. Needless to say, if you rostered Brees and Thomas, you ate! With a suspect, Swiss cheese, flaming dumpster of a secondary, Brees is poised to be a LOCK. Interestingly enough, this game is REVERSE STACKABLE. CHECK ME OUT…

Brees + Thomas+Snead/Cooks OR Stafford+Jones+Tate

You could even get creative and stacked the whole game as 1 line.

Bress+Thomas+Tate+Cooks+Ebron/Jones … I promise you, the points will rack up!

Colin Kaepernick/49ers vs Bears D

Again…No discussion needed. I rostered Kaep in a GPP and hit this week. The Bears D, is a joke and primed for a serious beat down. This game will probably go back and forth, but I see the 9ers winning this on convincingly. Check ME OUT…


Low owned, and primed for a GPP. Pay attention to this though. It could become the chalk, buuuuuut I don’t think so.

Zito’s Picks

Ya’ll know I play BOLD! High risk , High Reward. So…

Cowboys vs Vikings gets it’s number called. Oh shut up, yes, I’m the resident Cowboys fan, but fandom aside…I think people are going to fade this game for some stupid reason lol.

Prescott+Zeke+Dez+Beasely/Williams vs Vikings D

Can we all agree that Vikings D is not what it was? Sure, they can ball out, but it’s situational. In this situation, FUCK YOUR NUMBERS…AGAIN. They’re D front can’t muscle our O-Line. They also have a mismatch in the corner position. It will take some mixing up on the play calling side to exploit it, but it will happen. Again…WE FUCKING SUCK AGAINST THE PASS, so I expect Bradford+Diggs+Rudolph to get a few off on us. Power football will win this game though.

Eli Manning+Beckham Jr+Shepard vs Steelers D


Big Ben+Bell+AB vs Giants D

The story writes it’s got damn self man. Steelers and Giants are super duper ass cheeks against the pass. This…should be a shootout.Call the fucking Air Force! On the flip,  Bell is an ELITE RB, so he should be able to create against the Giants off the screen mostly. The Giants can stuff that run pretty well, so Bell might be lower owned.

Defense Spotlight


That’s it for me folks. If you need any more help, holla at me on twitter @KINGZITO973 using the Hashtag – #FanForecastOTC .

I’ll be back next week with more heat! Good luck this week. Peace!


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