Off The Cuff – Week 11

What up DFS/Season longers?

Hope all is well , and you slayed last week! How…Bout…Them…Cowboys?!?!

This week , I’m switching up the tune of the article a tad. No worries, I still say fuck the numbers, because honestly…FUCK THE NUMBERS.

The numbers…said to fade Zeke last week…How’d that work out for you?  That’s exactly why I steer clear of them. 

Before we get into the good stuff, make sure you’re tuned into @FanForecast for all the lastest moves the team is making! If you have any DFS/Season long questions, we have answers.

Now…Let’s get it!!


Big Ben vs Cleveland D – Do I really need to break this shit down? Lol … Thought not.

Pair with – Antonio Brown

Eli Manning vs Bears D – Love him or hate him, he’s solid. Though he lives throwing picks lately, he is in a prime spot to get busy!

Pair with – Beckham/Shephard/Tye

The Bears secondary is Swiss Cheese baby. We all know this. You can stack the Giants or do a 1 off. Either way, solid point production is on the menu.

Presscot vs Ravens D – With Romo doing what a true team player does, and stepping back, I feel like Dak will open up even more. So prepare for a show!

Pair With – Dez/Zeke/Beasely

If you saw the game against the Steelers , Zeke shouldn’t be a surprise. Especially catching out of the back field. I don’t care about the numbers talking about how good the Raven run D is either. Fuck your numbers. Their D front is not better than our O Line. PERIOD. Feel strongly about it, I got $5 on it. You can find me @KingZito973 on Twitter to accept. Lol

 D Spotlight


And that’s all she wrote ladies and gents. I’ll be back next week, till then, good luck, and take some shit down!!


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