NBA DFS Tips and Strategy

HERE WE GO!!! Is there a better time in the sports world? NFL is in full swing, the World Series starts this week, and NBA IS BACK!!! I’m going to assume most of you have dipped into playing a little NBA DFS in the past, but if you haven’t (or even if you have) here are some tips and strategies that I use in my day-to-day NBA grind.

Know the differences between the slates!!!

This is my first point, because nothing else matters if you don’t take advantage of what the different site offers. The main DFS sites are obviously Fanduel and Draftkings. Most people play both, but they don’t know there’s different research and roster construction to be done depending which site you’re on. First of all, on DK, you play 5 players at each position, then a guard, a forward, and a utility player (any position). On Fanduel, you play 2 players at each position except center, where you play only 1. So as you can see just by this, the sites are vastly different for roster construction. The scoring system is also different on the different sites. On DK, you get bonuses for a double-double, triple-double, and also for 3-pointers made. There are no such things on Fanduel. You need to make sure you are aware of these tid-bits if you’re playing multiple sites.


As I mentioned above, there is a utility spot on DK. More times than not, I am putting a PF or a C in that spot. I do this mainly because of the double-double bonus that I explained above. It’s definitely easier for big guys to get a double-double because it’s easy for them to get rebounds. Between 2 centers, you could easily get 2 double-doubles along with 25ish rebounds. This will go a long way in your cash games and in tournaments.

*Side Note* I may not do this on small slates like Tuesday just because there aren’t as many big guys to pick from.

In GPP’s, Build a Core

I learned to do this last year. If you play multiple entries in tournaments, try to build some sort of core players that are in basically every lineup. Most nights (especially on Fanduel), I will try to build a “Core 4.” You can do whatever you like with this core. You can make them the chalk plays, or have a mixture of contrarian plays. The Core 4 helps because if those 4 players hit, then all of your lineups are off to a fantastic start. This will allow you to have a fantastic shot at not only taking down a GPP, but profiting huge with all your lineups.

Obvious Tips

These tips are listed under obvious tips, because anyone that knows NBA already knows these. I figured I should list them out, just in case.

Usage and Pace

Usage rate and pace are obviously huge in NBA DFS. You want to target guys on teams that play fast (and also playing against teams that play fast)! Teams that play fast, obviously see more plays. More plays = more chances for stats and ultimately a higher total score. Usage rate basically means how often a team uses a guy. Someone like Russell Westbrook (especially when KD was hurt a few years ago) or James Harden have usage rate’s through the roof. Since they have high usage rates, they will have more opportunity for stats. I don’t know if you read my NFL Preseason DFS article a few months back, but opportunity = MONEY. These are the type of guys we want to target!

Take Advantage of Injuries

This tip is also obvious, especially if you play other DFS sports. You need to take advantage of injuries and play the guys who will get the replacement minutes (if they’re in a good spot). For example, this last week in NFL DFS, Jacquizz Rodgers was 78% owned in my cash games. This was because he was cheap and starting at RB because of injuries. THE SAME THING APPLIES TO NBA DFS!!! The replacements will be very cheap, but now that they’re the guy, they’ll get the boost in minutes. Like I explained earlier, minutes = opportunity = MONEY!!! (FREE TIP) Danny Green is out vs GS (and probably for a few weeks.) Kyle Anderson is starting in his place. Since he is usually a bench guy, he is priced down at $3500 on each site. Kyle Anderson WILL get 30+ minutes tomorrow. Just lock him in now!

Look Up Stats

This should also be VERY obvious, but look up stats each slate. This will tell you everything you need to know. Find out who are in the good spots. Look up how many fantasy points an opponent gives up to each position. A couple great sites for this are Fantasy Labs and StatMuse.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps you guys out this year. I know I’m super excited for the NBA to start. It is by far my best DFS sport and my favorite to follow. I’m looking forward to taking down a GPP this year! If you need any help or have any questions, give me a follow on twitter (@breeden_bryce) and also follow Fantasy Forecast (@FanForecast). Good luck to everyone and let’s make some money this season!!!!!

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