Off The Cuff – Week 7

What is the deal DFS/Season Longers?!?!?!

It is victory Monday bay bay!!!!!!! How bout them Cowboys?!?!?!?! LMAO

Ohhhhhhh get over yourself and your hate for my Cowboys, mmmmmmmmmmmmmk!!!

It’s time to go #OTC once again with your favorite writer’s favorite writer…

No?…I’m not your favorite writer?…OH…OK. Moving on! lol

The Fantasy Forecast team, made it a clean sweep this week!! So with that said…SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE!

Now….Down to the nitty gritty!

Obvious Plays

Rodgers/Cobb/Nelson/Adams/Crosby vs Bears D.

After catching an ass whipping from my Cowboys, the Packers are going to be in their feelings more than Drake! Rodgers will look to maul these sub par Bears, just to make himself feel better lol. I personally would roster not one damn Bear…NOT 1.

Dalton/Green/LaFell/Benard vs Browns D

Andy Dalton is going to slaughter the Browns…Let’s keep it a buck! So the question is, just how many TD’s is he going to throw for? After getting his ass popped by my Cowboys!!!!!! …. hehehehe….He’s looking for revenge also. I think this game will be heavily owned though, so roster with caution.

Brady/White/Edleman/Gronk vs Steelers D

Without Big Ben, the Steelers are going to get “stole” aka KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!! lol . Of course for the risk takers, they’ll still roster AB and Coates, but I don’t see that being too viable. Brady is on a mission to stick it to the commish for all the dumb ass suspensions for deflate gate.

Zito’s Picks

Eli/Beckham/Shepard/Darkua vs Rams D

I’m not a fan of Jennings. He has too many holes in his run game. I like this matchup for the punk ass Giants. They should feast. Beckham will catch at least 1 TD, then proceed to try to impregnate the FG practice net. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED! LMAO … I also like Tayvon Austin in this match up because the Giants secondary ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!

Jags vs Raiders

Completely reversible stacks are on deck and GREEN!!

Carr/Cooper/Crabtree and Bortles/Hurns/Robinson …   are the locks of the century this week. Some would say, it’s a trap due to the underwhelming performance of Bortles in week 6, but I say…FUCK ALL THAT!!! This game, is definitely the wave!

Defense spotlight




Are all a go!!!

That’s it for me my people! Another week in the bag. Let’s get this Money!!

And don’t forget…

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