Off The Cuff – Week 6

What Up DFS/Season Longers?!?!?!?

It’s that time yet again! Time to break down this weeks NFL slate like only I can! Week 5 was insane…I hope you all payed close attention to the articles being pumped out of the Fantasy Forecast Factory! The team cashed on multiple slates, alllll day long! So, with that said, if you have not subscribed to Fantasy Forecast, do so NOW!!! Don’t let another week go by where you don’t hit that glorious green line! Don’t get me twisted, there are no guarantees in DFS…BUT DAMN IT, WE INCREASE YOUR ODDS MASSIVELY. LOL

Now…Down to business!!

HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!?!?!?!?!? … no? … Not a Cowboys fan?

Too damn bad!!!!! My rookies are the shit! LOL …OK OK , I’ll calm down!

Week 6 features my Cowboys in a prime spot…With the Packers! Back to he scene of the crime…THAT WAS A CATCH, DAMN IT!!! But I digress.


Obvious Plays

Prescott/Elliot/Witten/Beasley vs. Packers D – Am I going to sit here and say Dak is better than Eli, NO. But, what I will say, is Dak is OUT PRODUCING Eli. Through 5 games, no INTs. Tell me that’s not impressive for a rookie? I think he will have his work cut out for him, but will do his thing against a meh Packers, D. Big Witt will come into play here, especially in the redzone. Seeing as the pack doesn’t have stellar coverage, Beasley should have a solid out as well.


Because we FUCKING suck against the pass…

Rodgers/Nelson/Cobb vs. Dallas’ D

After a pretty good outing against the Giants, Rodgers looks like he is back to form. Clicking with Jordy and Cobb per usual. I loved how my Cowboys Defense looked against the Giants, but…it’s the Giants…If you catch my drift. Dealing with a superior QB will be a test, no doubt.

Big Ben/Bell/Coates/Brown vs. Dolphins D

Let’s keep it a buck people…The Steelers  look awesome!

Clicking on both sides of the ball, going up against a flaming dumpster like the Dolphins. Air raid and ground and pound, allll day.

Mariota/Murray/Walker vs. Browns D

Yea folks…Super Mariota finally made it to the list lol. Although I don’t see him racking up a ton of yards passing, he is a lock against yet another flaming dumpster, the Browns. DeMarco should eat them aliiiive, and Walker is a redzone lock. OBVIOUS.

Zito’s Pick

Bortles/Yeldon/Robinson/Hurns vs. Bears D

Ask my guy Joe Metz of Fantasy Forecast…When Bortles is on the board…HE’S ALWAYS A GO!!! We all know hoe “stellar” this Bears D is…This has feast written alll over it. I’m personally going to roll out a Jags stack here. The Bears don’t stand a chance in hell. LOL

Zito’s Sleeper pick

Rivers/Benjamin/Gordon/Williams vs. Broncos D

YEA I SAID IT! Check me out though. The Broncos just got punched in the mouth. The Chargers had a heat breaker against Oakland. Lynch, is not going to be able to add the point protection the Broncos will need to win, IN MY OPINION. That leave the gunslinger, Phillip Rivers…to go in and shock the world bay bay!! LOL. It’s a sleeper pick folks…this is actually reversible too.

Defense Spotlight





Wellllllp, that does it for me folks. Thanks for your time and good luck in Week 6!

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