Off The Cuff – Week 4

What up DFS/Season longers?!?!

You know exactly what time it is!

It’s time to dive in  and get the skinny on what I’m seeing for Week 4! Per usual, if you have not subscribed to Fantasy Forecast yet, what in the blue hell are you waiting for?!?! The squad has been hard at work, still slaughtering MLB while producing quality advice for NFL also. Get those subscriptions in NOW!! Get it? Got it? Gooooood!

Now…Let’s get into the meat and potatoes, shall we?!?!

Last week if you played my “Obvious plays” you cashed NICELY!! LOL That Giants, Cowboys and Falcons stack was EVERYTHING. I absolutely love when those who are supposed to ball out, show up and rip shit up! With that said, you know I got ya’ll covered!

Obvious Plays

Dak/Elliot/Beasley/Bailey vs. 49ers D

Are my rookies balling or what?!?!? As the resident Cowboys fan, I am waving our flag loud and proud bay bay!! But, here’s the deal people. Our O-Line is going to crush (Even with injuries) the 9ers D-front. So the run is a go. Plus Dak loves Cole Beasley. He gets the most targets sooooooooooooooooo! Plus, with Dez questionable, Beasley,Witten, Whitehead and Williams will get those looks. So stack up!!


Gabbert/Hyde/Kerley/Streater/Smith vs Cowboys D

Could we have a proverbial shootout on our hands??? ABSOLUTELY . Also, don’t be surprised to see some Kaepernick action!

Cam/Benjamin/Funchess/Ginn/Olsen vs Falcons D

Lock this shit in backwards,forwards,sideways,upside down and 10 times on Sunday. Cam is going to SHRED this crappy secondary. I hate writing that because the Falcons HC is from my hometown! But aye, it is what the hell it is!  This game also is reverse stack possible ( check your injury report faithfully) So…

Ryan/Jones/Freeman/ vs Carolina D

The Carolina D is good, not elite. They have some key dudes out on D, and their secondary is anything but invincible. So yet again, possible shootout!


Rivers/Benjamin/Gordon/Henry/Williams vs. Saints D


Brees/Snead/Ingram/Cooks/Fleener vs Chargers D

Nether one of these cluster fuck D’s can stop the pass..AT ALL…So naturally when 2 gunslinger’s stroll into a town…THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! LOL (Highlander reference…Over your head? Oh Well!…Google it!)

Zito’s Pick/Sleeper

Carr/Murray/Crabtree/Cooper vs. Raven’s D

The Ravens D…Being good…Is a fluke ladies and gents! Do not buy into the hype or current record. Going up against the Raiders will prove to be a much-needed wake up call for NFL fans alike.

Defense Spotlight

Vikings vs. Giants is the highlight for me. I don’t see Eli and company being able to get going against a very good pass D. So lock them in!

Other D’s to consider




For the record, I’m not even going to mention the Browns/Redskins game (OK, screw it…I will). One blowout deserves a fade…I think this is the one. If you want to rack up points, go for it. You can stack either team. Reed is going to feast. Pryor is going to feast due to all the Redskins injuries. Still sleeping on him? You better WAKE THE FUCK UP! Seriously…

That’s it for me folks. I appreciate all of y’all for checking in!

Till week 5!


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